Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Life the Past Few Weeks

 Here we are all together and sick with a horrible flu bug.  In the above picture are only 4 of my sons, youngest 2 1/2 then 22, 14, 25 years old. The older 2 are married with children.  We are missing 2 more of my sons age 11 & 16 and my daughter 17 in this picture, we just cannot seem to get it all in.
 My husband is holding Elijah my youngest who is below with his 'nephew' age 3 1/2, enjoying cupcakes

 Here is my newest daughter-in-law Laura with Brody her 1 year old son, she is pregnant with my first girl grandchild due in July, yes! we need more girls in our family so I am excited.
      This is Scott's first time riding horse. He is a U.S. Marine Corporal stationed in NC with his wife Amber and her horse and 2 dogs are living with us while they are gone, Scott just got deployment orders to Sea on a Navy Ship.  He works on helecopter engines.  He will be gone 8 months, so we may see Amber alot more.
   My Daughter Amanda has broke and trained all our horses and this is her favorite, dad likes to tease Blackjack before they go out of a cold wintery ride.  Look at all our snow still on the ground the first part of March, we just got another foot.

                                           Amanda, Amber and Scott

    My husband just came down with the Flu this morning, after we are all getting over it, ooohh is so quarantined so we do not all get it again.


  1. Oh, what an amazing family you've got, Kelly! You should be the proudest mother around! Look at all those fellows! And the little Elijah is just the cutest!
    Don't you worry about the flu! I've heard there's some kind of immunity for a while after you've got rid of it.
    Gosh, and i was wondering the other day if I could cope with the situation of having 2 kids:)) I don't have enough time for myself now that I only have one:))
    Hugs to you , happy woman!

  2. Thanks, you are right I am a happy woman I have a very wonderful family that keeps me busy constantly as well as fullfilled. When I was younger, way younger I thought that having 1or 2 kids was enough but all that changed and I adapted to farm life as well as a mother of 7. I still get my city girl breaks that I need with my blog and craftroom. I am grateful for a supporting hubby who loves all the chaos we bring him.
    I love the people who visit my blog, we are all happy and supportive of each other, big THANKS to you all!

  3. I just read the comments above, and I have to add that sometimes you have 8 kids! :D heehee...


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