Friday, June 28, 2013

A Lot Of Yummy For Your Tummy

I am full of strawberries!!  My husbands garden decided to start produce while we were gone and we were cleaning 4 big tubs of strawberries last night.  That was only the first picking!  I think this year with all the rain and while we were gone it finally warmed up and popped those luscious berries!

I froze 10 quarts and made 4 pies with them.  I am going to show you the pie tutorial so that you can enjoy your fruit too.  You can use any berry or flavored cream cheese with this receipe.

Here is a tag I made to include on one of the pies for a small token.  I made a tag with watercolor paper after wetting it I dropped distressed inks on it to make the background.  The top is a plastic mask that a friend of mine made me so I stamped black onto it and got that pattern.
A couple of doilys that I made from papers, attached Magnolia's Strawberry Tilda, sentiment and done.

Recipe is for 2 pies

First I buy deep dish pie crusts, I cannot make a pie crust, just doesn't go well with me! I poke them with holes and bake them at 400 degrees until golden brown.  COOL them on the counter.

Your ingredients

Do not look close into the oven, crafters do not clean their ovens, no time! hehe

While the shells are baking I mix 2 containers of flavored cream cheese with 1C of powdered sugar in a bowl with a mixer until creamy. After the shells are cooled you spread the cream cheese and powdered sugar along the sides and bottom of each pie crust shell.

Here is the cream cheese spread into the baked pie shells

On the stove I put water and 1 Pkg of Danish Dessert in a pan, follow the directions on the box for pie glaze.  I cooked it until it boiled, constantly stirring, then when it started to boil I let it boil for 1 minute and then removed it from the burner to cool.

Then I sliced about 4 C of strawberries and mixed them with 1/2 to 1C sugar depending on how tart the berries are.  After they are mixed they need to be drained, no juice in the pie or it will be runny.

I added the sugar

Stirring to create juices from the strawberries

Here is the juice after I strained it, do not use it for the pie, tastes great with ice cream!

After draining I mixed the berries into the cooled pie glaze and then pour the strawberry glaze into the shell that already has the cream cheese in it.  After that you spread cool whip over the berries and cool in your refrigerator.

Putting the cool whip on top, you can see each layer

The finished pie, you can spruce it up if you like, my kids eat it so fast that it isn't worth it!

I hope you enjoyed my pie tutorial and if you have any questions just ask.  Thank you for stopping by today and while I was gone.  I love reading your comments.
Thank you!


  1. OMG.............. this sure looks yumnmy Kelly! and your tag is just sooo cute! I love strawberries... wish they will be good in quebec this year, but we have so much rain... I doubt they will taste anything but water LOL

  2. Cute tag and so fitting for the strawberry season. My gosh, the pie looks yummy... and your oven is 100 times cleaner than mine!

  3. What a spectacular and fitting tag to accompany your beautiful pies! Yummmmmmmmy....looove strawberries! My compliments to the chef and the artist!

  4. Gorgeous tag Kelly, & may I say Gorgeous pies too...those pies look so yummy....I love strawberries...Thank you for the recipe... Hugs May x x x

  5. Such a Strawberry sweet tag and your pies look so delicious!!!! I have to tell you kid - I have no idea what Danish Dessert is but I do know that all the recipes you have sent me have been absolutely delicious!! Congratulations on such a good crop of Strawberries!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, those pies look amazing! And the tag to go on top is wonderful too...
    Alison x

  7. Your creation is do beautiful and really smacks of summer with strawberries. Oh wow, also thanks for the strawberry pie recipe. You are so blessed to be able to grow your own wholesome strawberries.
    {I would love you to take part in my 600 Follower Give-away. Thank you so much if you have already entered and good luck.} Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  8. Love the cute tag, wish I lived closer I would be round for afternoon tea, those pies look delicious!! Thanks for the recipe
    Hugs Julie P


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