Friday, January 21, 2011

My First Lili of the Valley Stamp Using Copics

I thought I would try Lili of The Valley Stamps as they are extremely cute.  I also am trying to learn how to color with Copics instead of always useing Distress water coloring. This image seems to be easier to learn from BUT I cannot seem to get it shaded quit right. I have done Lili of The Valley on line coloring and also Suzzanne Dean's you tube tutorials. Both helped me out. Practice makes perfect, right!

Please share your ideas with me to help me figure out how to use the Copics better. I really appreciate your critiquing.
Thank you, Have a Happy Craft Day.


  1. Hi Kellly! Well honey I think your coloring is coming along really well. It takes some time to really get the technique of hightlights and shadows down pat! You've done wonderful shading and shaping on this sweeties face and hair. I always put my lightest color down first but on in the areas where I want my shadows. Then I fill that out a bit with my mid tone, then I come back in with my darker color and just put a hint of shadow. Then I go over that with my mid tone and feather it all out with the lighter color. Be sure to leave some very light where the natural light would catch the image. Actually you've done a splendid job on your wee girls dress! She definitely has shape and depth! I hope this helps...just keep it up and it will come more naturally to you...blessings...hugs...Barb

  2. Hi Kelly, I'm no expert but from what I see you are coming along just fine. Your card is adorable!!! Just give yourself time and practice, practice, practice and keep following those tutorials!
    Judy K.

  3. Kelly, your coloring is coming along really well. The shading in her hair and on her face is done really well. Her dress shows depth and shape. Keep on working on it...before you know it, it will become second nature. I find myself pulling out my Copics more and more and have come along ways from where I started and still have lots to learn. I just need to get some cards made with the images I have colored up.

  4. This is soooo adorable!! I love it!!! : )

  5. Hi Kelly....I think your card is super cute. I've got alot to learn myself so I'm always watching the numerous tutorials that is out there. TFS
    Hugs from Indiana,

  6. Hey Kelly - your coloring is just fine - really quite good - everyone colors differently and as Suzanne Dean would say - just keep at it and you will find the best way for you. Grat job.
    Sandy Dehon

  7. Kelly, your coloring looks great to me. I love this image and you made such a cute card with it. I have been taking Suzanne Dean's online classes and she says practice, practice, practice.

  8. I think you did a great job on your coloring. I'm taking Suzanne's class too & have to agree with what the others have said.........practice, practice, practice.
    Huggies ~


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