Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Possum For Dinner?

Today while I was crafting I looked outside my window and this Possum was about 15' from me!  Our snow is so high and he was on the snow bank looking for food so peacefully.  The kids got our outside dog to chase him back home and these are the camera shots I got.

My camera is not a great one so he was quite close to the house. Brave Possum.

Here is our dog TAZ trying to "scare" the Possum!  He was barking and wagging his tail the whole time and trying to play with it. 

TAZ was so ferocious that he took a break!  Eventually the Possum went back into the woods and TAZ decided to take a well deserved nap!  

Another shot at the event. 

It was funny to watch our dog as he had no intentions of running off the Possum, he wanted to play.  Our dog then got tired of it, some watch dog!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos


  1. That was a fun read! They are a little scarey looking when they bare their teeth though, aren't they?
    Kelly, it looks like you have snow like we do... we had another big storm this week and I am so over winter!

  2. Hello Kelly, how interesting... we do not have possums around here: I do have visitors in my backyard: skunks and racoons, I also have a cute little fieldmouse that comes once in a while on the ramp of the balcony! and last week, with the snow, I saw a falcon, that is rare around here! well, love your pictures! Hugs.

  3. Great photos. The only wildlife I get in my garden here in London are squirrels and sometimes a fox. The fox only visits because he wants to eat my rabbit!
    Sarah-Jane xx

  4. We only foxes and squirrels in our garden, much to my dog Bailey's displeasure as the squirrel digs up poor Bailey's hidden goodies and runs off with them!

  5. Wonderful pictures sweet lady!!!!!!! By the way, I am still dealing with sick goats! We also bough a guard dog today - a Maremma Sheepdog. We can get it when it is 8 weeks old!
    Love your bunches and miss hearing from you!

  6. Art said and I quote "nice shephard"!
    you know who this is from - the husband of the lady that you like his voice -- so do I!!!!!!

  7. Great pics Kelly! Yikes those teeth look so sharp and his feet are so pink,(probably frozen) Hey you have a nice looking dog protecting you all! We're suppose to get some of that snow tonight. I'm soo over winter!!!
    There were two groundhogs playing in front of my house. I was ready to tell them to commit thier cousin Phil!!!
    Hugs, Cathy

  8. yeiks.. those are quite some pictures you were able to capture.
    brave dog!!!!

  9. excitement! My dad brought one home one time to show us, with it's babies...not sure how he did that. We lived in the city and he worked for the railroad. I remember it was ugly! Neat pictures Kelly! Love snow!

  10. Mmmmm, possum soup, possum stew, possum tar tar, possum gumbo, possum play toy???? LOOOVE the pictures Kelly and what a hoot watching your dog "terrorize" dinner. LOL! Reminds me of the time in college I looked up from my desk and saw a Llama staring right at me through my office window!! OMG..." I see a Llama!!"


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