Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Empty Echoes

One week to go and most of the furniture has been sold except the beds to the house is echoes.  I hear everyone, every word, and you get a headache when we are all in the kitchen together! lol

We have no dining room table, only 2 stools by the counter left and the girl taking them will be here this weekend to take them home so nowhere to sit for a few days. lol

Here is the living room, it is collecting dust on the floor right now. 

Here is another view to the dining room with a few boxes and a big area for Eli to play with his animals.

My craft room is now storage for the boxes that will soon enter into our trailer for moving.  We are sending some things to a auction center and also a lot into dumpsters for garbage removal!  I am adapting to the less is more lifestyle!

Thanks for following my journey!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoying a Beautiful Day in MN

We took time to enjoy our place in MN and had a blast.  I have more photos of other silly adventures the teenagers did on Facebook here.  We only have 2 weeks left and we will be living in a urban area and these freedoms will not be there for safety and sanity reasons. 

New kittens are such a blessing in the Spring, fun to watch and cuddle.  Eli talked his dad into taking one to South Dakota with us. 

Eli is big enough to be able to run the lawn mower! NO not what you think! lol  He is driving at the lowest speed with no mower on at all.  He will be 6 years old in a few weeks and it very tall for his age.  He loves tractors of all kinds so this was a long waited treat for him to do.

So he is riding past his brothers showing off as they were unable to drive this young, they were too short and not heavy enough to engage the motor. lol

We are cleaning out our sheds and the go-cart does not work so the boys are pulling it behind the 4-wheeler while the driver of the go-cart steers himself into twists and turns, Andy.  I loved it when Noah went over a series of bumps and Andy is flying over them, no one was hurt and it was great entertainment.

This wheel fell off numerous times. Andy is my daughters boyfriend and she was with me on the outdoor swing yelling at him to be careful, sounds like me her whole life, hmmmm, now she is doing it!  She was surprised at herself acting like her mom. hehe

So Isaac took to a safer event and was doing acrobats on our clothes line.  I will miss this clothes line as they are not allowed in our new development, there are rules there, hehe, I wonder how many are going to be broke with us country folk. lol

So we had fun and the boys used up all their energy playing instead of working.  I am glad we took this time to enjoy our place.

Have a great week my friends,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To a Loving Home

The hardest part of leaving our hobby farm are the animals that we need to relocate to another home.  They are fun and loving as we raised them all from babies.  We need to have them go to a loving family on a hobby farm, they are so sweet and do not ever cause trouble.

Our youngest is 2 year old quarter horse little stallion to be Fox.  My daughter purchased him and we walked him on a lead rope like a dog because he is so calm and loves affection.

His head shot.  A bit of winter hair is left on him.

This is the best confirmation shot I could get of him.

Now we have a shy Llama, she loves the animals but is afraid of us. Her companion died last year and she took to Fox in their own pasture for the winter. She is about 4 years old.

Here is Daisy a 5 year old quarter horse that my daughter trained up until the fine tuning of riding.  She needs to be finished up for riding and would make a great 4H or trail riding horse.  She is nice and loves all the animals in the pasture.  She has a mothering instinct in her also. 

She loves her nose rubbed.

Here is Daisy's conformation.  She has a blond mane and tail.

Last but not least are the goats.  They are well fed and get along great with the horses and Llama.  They are so funny when the dogs are in the pasture with them, they try to buck the dogs and charge at them.  They also love to climb onto car hoods too.

We would appreciate if anyone would love to have any of these gorgeous creatures or knows someone who would like them to email me.  We would love to sell them but also realize that we only have a few weeks until we are permanently moved out of State so free works too.
They will love you too!!! Please email me for pickup in Central Minnesota!
Thank you,

Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Round of Moving to South Dakota

I want to document this moment for my family but we get so busy that I forget to take the photos.  So here is our new home in the hills of Rapid City.  It is half the size that we have in MN as well as only 1/2 acre versus the 40 acre hobby farm we are leaving.  I know this is a huge step for our family!

Here is the front of our home in South Dakota.  We have neighbors all around but not too close.

Above is our living room and below is the kitchen. After we move out of our MN home I will share MN versus SD home so you can see the difference, a huge difference, see all the white everywhere??

Below is the master bedroom and it is full of light. 

Here is the inside of our trailer just waiting to be unloaded.

The side of the house has a walk out from the basement, very nice and convenient for when the dogs come here to live too.

Here is the back of our home, on the left is the Master Bedroom then the the middle is the Living Room and on the right is the dining room.

So yes this is quite small and plain but this is the house we always went back to after all the rest kept selling before we could get a offer on them.  So we figured this is the one we are meant to start our new adventures with.  It has walking trails, a big park with facilities as well as movie nights in the summer all behind our house.  
I am so proud of my family, we all worked together to clean the home and get it in order.  We will be leaving to go back to MN for the closing on our home in a few weeks and return with another load of things to put into this home.  So pretty much it is full already and no room for anything else!  I cannot tell you how hard it is to downsize and I thought I did well but I have another load to bring so I will need to sell more things as they will not fit!  Even the craft room is full! lol

I will update more as things progress.
Have a great Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

High Heel Glam Tag by Tattered Lace Dies

Welcome to my blog on this Spring Day!
This is my last scheduled post for my DT position.  I am busy packing to move in a few days.  Then we come back to finish up and move my husband to his place, why?? Well he has to stay here and finish out his jobs, he is a Plumbing and Heating contractor and has houses started and the homeowners would not want him to quit. lol  So sacrifices are being made for some months.  The end result will be the family together in South Dakota before winter hits.
We plan to travel back and forth for visits and he has to make some improvements on the new house too.  I will be painting all the white walls, I love color and the walls and carpet are white so for now the walls will be painted.  I am hoping to document the changes to our new house and life.  We are stepping out of our world into the unknown and I am excited about it, new adventures await!

Today is an new challenge at 7 Kids College Fund Challenge Blog our theme is ANYTHING GOES.  I hope you can pop a card into the challenge for your chance to win $20.00 at the 7 Kids College Fund Store.

I used my pretty shoe die from Tattered Lace and created a colorful palette of shoes. "If you love the shoe, you must own one in every color you know!" a similar quote I found on Pinterest.

I used Prima's optimist paper and added some trims to the tag.  In the corner I used Prima mini mechanical flowers with a little Doodlebug sticker. A metal butterfly charm at the top also.

Here is a 3D view of the fuscia colored shoe, I just made two and adhered it with pop up glue dots.  The bottom one is distressed a bit with white paint. I think it added dimension and the contrast it needed. I also placed jewels on the butterflies for added sparkle.

Thank you for stopping by today and don't forget to enter the new challenge at 7 Kids College Fund Challenge Blog.
Happy Crafting,

Items I used on my card from 7 Kids College Fund store

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sugar Pea Blog Hop

Good Morning my friends!
Today 7 Kids College Fund is having a non-hopping blog hop for you to show off the new images from Sugar Pea Designs.  They are so adorable and will send cheer to anyone!  If you do not have the time to visit each blog just go directly to the 7 Kids Store Blog and leave your comment, WHY?

All you need to do to win the non-hopping hop prize of a $25 gift certificate to the store is to comment this post. The winner will be announced on the blog this Thursday!!!

Here is the Hop order to visit my friends from 7 Kids College Fund

Kelly  (ME)
Ending at the Store Blog

I used the fabulous image What's Mew clear stamp set

I colored the image in Copics and used Xpress It blending paper.  Then I used 2 doilies and then added the LaLa Land scalloped banner to the bottom of the window.

The pretty little flowers are a gift  from a very sweet blogger friend and they look great on the card.

I used the banner die from Magnolia to stamp my sentiment from the Sugar Pea set on and then edged it with ink.  The butterflies I cut out from my KaiserKraft paper pad.

I hope you enjoy the non-hopping blog hop today and the next in line is Rosemary!!

Big Hugs and Well Wishes

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tilda with Dexter the Dragon

Hello friends,
I took some time off of packing and made this card, just love these sweet little images from Magnolia.   I have a friend who recently became a Magnolia Designer on 3 different Magnolia Design Teams and I wanted to show her my support by entering in the challenges! Hi Karen!

I colored my image in Copics and used the "Forever Best Friends" sentiment from the same "Animal of the Year" Magnolia collection.  My image is framed with Joy Crafts 6002/0257 square frame die to and of course I Frantaged it a bit.

A Magnolia Doohickey Butterfly, LaLa Land Balloon Die and a Joy Crafts 6003/1002 Die, adorn the top right of the card.  The balloon has a bit of Frantage on it

The left side of my card has the Magnolia So Wrapped Heart die with a crocheted pink flower and Prima zipper on it.  Underneath the pink flower are 2 colors of fringed tulle to make it more girly.  The Joy 6003/1002 die is also on the side with another Magnolia Doohickey Butterfly die.  I Used the leaves included with the Joy 6002/0257 square frame die to make the feathery leaves in my florals on the bottom of the card.

Here is a better look at the leaf that comes with the Joy 6002/0257 Square Frame die and a Prima flower.

A closer look so you can see the layers

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, I really miss crafting and it will be quite a while until I will be back at it again.  I am enjoying your crafts and wishing you all a safe and happy Spring!


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