Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harvest Day

My 15 year old son got his drivers permit and then at our local fair won grand champion on his white rabbit above.  Hi other rabbit a English Angora is supposed to come from champion lines but a few weeks before her cage was tipped over in a storm and her fur is all matted with sticks and leaves.   We  just couldn't get her to look nice enough but he did get ribbons for her.

My sister-in-law made this gorgeous card for me and brought me a chocolate oreo torte cake, mmmmm. So I picked plums from our tree and saw how pretty they look with my birthday card.

My Husband planted various apple trees, plum and pear trees in our yard and finally they are producing gorgeous fruits.  Here is a apple, don't ask me what kind, I cook and eat and that is all I know. LOL

Very full Apple tree

He grew the best and sweetest corn ever, you do not even want to cook it, just pick, eat and it tastes like candy.  Amazing corn.  Tom filled the back of the old pickup and shucked it, and gave the animals all the husks.  The cows especially love them.

See I eat and cook, my husband said you hold them and pretend you know what you are doing. I love his humor! I just got my hair cut and highlighted more blond and the sun is my eyes.  I try to help him by keeping him company while he is picking or weeding his garden, I bring him lemonade or bug spray. LOL  He visits me in my craft room and this is his craft.

I thought the sunflowers looked interesting as they are huge and producing seeds.

Up close look at the middle of the sunflower.

See the bees on the right, doesn't the center have a pretty shape.

My 4 year old is eating the plums I am picking off the tree.

We have 8 of these huge cabbages.

This is the not so fun part, cutting all the corn off the cob for freezing.  My sons 17, 15 and hubby in the background.  

My other son 12 on the right is taller than his older brothers! They all sat around the table and cut for 2 hours or better.

So here is my part, mixing the recipe and putting the corn into freezer bags and freeze them, 80 bags each with 6 cups of corn in them.  We make alot of stuff with this corn.

recipe for freezing corn

2 Tablespoons Pickling salt
5 Cups of ice water
15 cups of corn
mix and put into freezer bags, then immediately put them into the freezer in single layers.
It is so easy and this recipe has never failed me.
I hope you enjoyed my photos today, it is nap time!


  1. wow what a lot of work, and so many fresh home grown produce,i so wished i lived nearer now lol.. how lovely and sweet.. such beautiful pics and your hair look amazing, and you looked young before,now you look even younger.. xx those birthday are going backwards arn`t they lol.. such a lovely cheery entry to see on your blog.. xx hugs

  2. GRAND CHAMPION! Yea! State Fair! I'll be there to check it out!

  3. Oh, Kelly, I just love your sense of humor! What a wonderful family you have! A lot of work but everyone pitches in - that's so awesome! Thanks for sharing these great pics! And your hair is amazing! :)

  4. Kelly, I love your pictures, thank you for sharing. OMG. I love corn, and would certainly enjoy a day in family like this!

  5. Well Kelly, you probably won't read this until after you get home. But cute (love your new hair with the high lighting) and your smile - you look like a teenager! You know you are living my dream. I just cannot get over that beautiful corn and all that fruit. So I missed your birthday - I am going to have to find out when it is. You know I am in love with your husband but you are safe because he is entirely too young for me. Now I love your sons too - look at all that work they are helping with. Thanks for the corn freezing recipe. I will keep it. Safe trip Kelly - will e-mail after you get home.


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