Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Little Vacation Time

Just a quick update for my followers, My Art Crawl was very fun and people enjoyed my cards.  The crowd wasn't as big as everyone thought it would be and I didn't sell as many cards as I wished for.  It was a great experience for me and Kathy the store's owner was so accommodating and so nice to be around all day so I enjoyed the day very much.

I ended up hurting my back, but not that big of a deal, I could not finish the card I wanted to make before we hit the open road tomorrow.  Our family is road tripping for 6 days to have some fun.  I will get that card finished when I return and visit you all when I can.
Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi hun, hope you have such fun, you deserve it, shame it wasn`t as good as you expected but then we never know with these things and its experience and fun,plus you have shown your cards and people may remember you and that helps ,maybe next time it will be better xx

  2. Kelly - you all have a wonderful time on your vacation. I am sorry to hear you hurt your back. That's no fun. I am glad to know you had a great experience at the Art Crawl and sorry the sales were low. We are not in the best economy right now and I think people are starting to worry about what is going to happen. Economic forecast is not the best. Take good care of you sweet friend and I will watch for your safe return.
    Big Hugs - Sandy


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