Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blog Birthday Candy Winners!!!!

Hi Girls!
I was gone all morning trying to cover my gray hair at the salon and then I picked up my grandchild, so finally have a moment to announce who the lucky winner of my blog candy.

But first don't you want to know the answers to my questions?
6 out of 18 people got them correct, I thought one was pretty hard to guess so you girls did a awesome job trying to answer them..

Thank you for all the very very sweet and kind words towards me!
You are all blessings in my life and I appreciate you and your talents!

Soooo, I am 50 years old,
Tilda With Ballet Shoes is my favorite Tilda image ever,
I am in a ART CRAWL downtown St. Cloud, MN on Saturday.  I get to show people how I make my cards and sell the ones I made.  I did not meet my goal of 100 cards, Oh well, family first.

My grandson(5) and my son(4) pulled out the lucky winner


I will be emailing her shortly so if you would like to congratulate her this is her blog right here.

Thank you everyone for playing along with me and I am sorry you couldn't all win, that would have been ideal, hopefully next time!
Have a wonderful Day!


  1. Hi Kelly, Thank you so much and the grandchildren are such handsome lads,bless i wish you a beautiful birthday and luck with the art crawl..amazing mom..xxx

  2. OH my gosh!! Kelly, they look like twins. I have the biggest smile on my face that you have ever seen. You have an amazing family -- I have so much love and respect for you all!!!!
    Sandy - Oh, and congratulations to the winner even though it was not me!!

  3. Well, darn it! Didn't get any of them right! Hahaha! But it was fun playing! Congrats Plouise! :D

  4. Congrats Plouise!! It was fun to play along! : )

  5. Congratulations to Plouise. Did you say that one is your grandson and one of the boys is your son? WOW how awesome is that? Hey I think honestly that you did meet you 100 card goal. You were very close anyway!
    Great work!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn


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