Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crepe Paper Dress Form

Good evening, I saw a awesome tag with a honey comb dress form made with Tim Holtz, die Sewing Room and I had to try it for myself.  The inspiration I found is from Chris Dark, you can find it  HERE.
She is so amazing with all her talents, you should really browse around her blog sometime, you will love her style. 
 Well I didn't know that you buy honey comb, I figured I would make it myself but it is not easy to do.  I will show you what I mean so that you do not make the same mistakes I did.  If you want a proper tutorial on making your own honey combed image you should check out Shelley's blog HERE as this is what I tried to follow.
Here is the form after I glued it.  I should have put it on the paper before I glued it as the more I worked with it, the combs were crushed and ruffled.

I used Melissa Frances Crepe paper in creme and folded it many times and then ran it through my Vegabond using Sewing Room die from Tim Holtz.  Then I trimmed it a bit and sewed down the middle of it.  I would recommend taping the back of the crepe dress to the green sewing room die before you glue the honeycombs. Lesson learned.

Here you can see a bit of what is left of a honeycomb.  I took each layer and glued the top and bottom corners and then the next layer midway from the top and midway from the bottom, then repeat until all the layers are glued.  Do not use liquid glue or wet glue, as my combs did not show nice as 5 layers of crepe paper stuck together and prying them apart ruined parts of the pattern.  Lesson learned.  

 Although this dress is cute but not at all what I was aiming for, so look at Chris's tag and you will see how it should have looked Chris' Blog.  Then after all this I found honey comb paper you can by and boy would that be easier, but not as challenging.  I cut 4 more in different papers to try it again.  After I get it I will post a better tutorial, may take a few days.

I know the inside of this card is strange, another try at a doily dress, hmm better get different glue, what a mess I made out of my papers and fingers LOL  I won't quite, I need to get this right, I love the look and it is fun.  I do want to enter this card into a challenge, the card is cute.
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  1. Well I think your card came out very well and you are learning - I love the doily dress and you try a heck of a lot more stuff than I do!!
    Congratulations, I think your card is very pretty.

  2. Wow this is great Kelly!!! I think you have done a great job...this must be so hard to do. It reminds me of the littl fold out christmas lanterns my grandma used to have :) Great work!

  3. Honestly Kelly you are way too hard on yourself sweetie, your own made honeycomb is fantastic and I absolutely love your creation, it's so shabby chic and beautiful. So lovely to come and see what you made and how amazing it turned out...such inspiration with making your own! Hugs, Chris :)


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