Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Copic Storage

I was at Target today and I saw this great wooden box with dividers and grabbed it!
It is at Target for $19.99.

It has six compartments, all wood, the front is chalkboard.

All my Copics fit perfectly, actually I need to buy more to fill it up!  Just Kidding, I do not need to, if my husband added these up!!    Probably costs more than his sawzall's or as he would say "his tractor".
This craft addiction is very healthy and makes us very happy, right hun?!!

I just had to share this box with you, I can pick it up and bring it to my desk all at once and it still looks pretty.


  1. You got a good deal I can tell you that - now sweet friend, when did you get time to go to Target. You talked with me on the phone all afternoon!!!! Your target must be a heck of a lot closer than mine!

  2. love the box, pretty to look at while stored too.. x


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