Thursday, September 20, 2012

Costly but humorous

This week was interesting with all the chaos.  I am not complaining just sharing why I have been quiet on the blogs. So here are the highlights of my chaos.

 With 1brand new little antivirus disc, I wiped out 2 PC's in our home, 1 was the business computer! Yep all the accounting is gone, I do have it on a CD backup though.    I brought them in for a checkup and found that I needed to let the 4 years old go and purchase 2 new ones. So for 13 years of owning a Macintosh myself, I decided to put the money out there and replace the 4 year old PC's with Mac's.  OUCH!  I have never had one problem with my Macs other than the first one was older and I upgraded.   I had to set them up for our business and my daughters college  and then tutor 2 people on how they work, my brain is fried!

In the middle of that I started to rearranged my craft room in order to make space and for more efficiency. My room  had to wait while I fixed our computer situation.  I had started to cut out and color a card so that was  just sitting there waiting too.  Then, I hurt my thumb! I know how dumb is this?  I was unable to use my thumb for a few days, it is still sore, but better.  No cutting food, scissors, coloring, taping and clicking the laptop mouse I felt like a little kid needing help.  LOL!

  It always goes like this at my house, When one thing goes, everything follows and then it goes colossal. "oh well" all is fixable but too much money made me a bit sick.  Now if it were for crafting items that would be different, I am just kidding, although how fun to spend that kind of $$$ in crafting all at once. hmmmm.

Now we did have some fun working together to get things  back in order and at our home we just take it all in stride and drink alot of wine!  LOL  Actually, laughing and goofing around made it all better.
This morning I decided to test out my thumb and I finished this card.  Look! I am able to type because  my peppermint oil is keeping my thumb from hurting so here is my card.

 Gotta love those Cosmo Cricket "Tiny Text" sayings!

 I used Copic markers on Cryogen paper, love the paper.

 I cut 1 circle out and halved it to make one for the top and one for the side. The DP really set the tone for how this was going to be embellished.
 Inside the card Edwin say's it all for us "Artists",  our Magnolia cards are the inside art style we all have.  Each one of us does it different and that is why it is fun to visit our blogs of art.

So for a little fun I will share some photo's with you

I added this cubby and the dogs thought it was for them!

This is what I did with the added cubby and I found those 2 cute baskets at Target and my Maggies are in it.  They look so pretty in there.

Here is the layout of my space, when I can I will add detail photo's of it to my picasa album.  My mother-in-law made all the embroidered dresser cloths lining my shelves and the lace table cloth is from her too.  I love having family memories and gifts from my friends around me when I craft.

Thank you for taking the time to stop in and visit with my woes,  hope you are having a great week


  1. Love this card!! Very bright and cheery - perfect! Sorry to hear about the interesting time you've been having. But I must agree, a little wine helps everything (or maybe that's a lot of wine!!). Everything looks fantastic in your room (even your most adorable furry little helpers!).

  2. After all you went through, you still were able to create an awesome card. Love those bright colors and lovely Tilda and Edwin. Now look at your pups. Too cute!!! Your craft room looks so cozy too!.. Hope your thumb gets better real fast. Hang in there Kelly.. the best is yet to come????
    Hugs, Cathy

  3. Very cute card. Love the colors. Sorry about all the problems you've had going on but your craft froom looks great!

  4. Darling card, Kelly. Tilda and her background are awesome and Edwin said it all on the inside. :) I enjoyed reading about your woes...we all have them, right? Sometimes we look back and all we can do is laugh. Hope things are back to normal now and looking forward to seeing your beautiful crafts.
    Cathy Lee

  5. This is such a fabulous card Kelly, I love the bright vibrant colours, the layout and images. Beautifully put together. I also adore those sweet pooches. I'm so glad your thumb is better, I've missed your fab creations hon.
    Suzi x

  6. Love your card! I also love my MAC. Just can't go wrong! I hope your thumb is better soon. I had never heard of putting peppermint oil on an owie before. Good to know!

  7. Awesome card Kelly, inside and out. Cute helpers!!!!!!

  8. Love your card, very rich and colourful! Your dogs are sooo cute!!!!

  9. Awesome card! I love the bright colors. Your dogs are too cute! If they are like mine they like to get into mischief....LOL! Thanks for sharing your story. I have a rough week and it made me smile....


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    1. I subscribe to adsense and I am not in control of the content they put on my blog. If they influence you to not be a friend of mine, then you were never a friend of mine. One ad should not be used to judge a individual, this is my blog and what I put on is my choice, you can nicely and quietly not visit me.

  11. Sweet happy card and love the bright colors.
    Blessings Doreen

  12. Gorgeous card Kelly. Love the layout and colours. Your dogs are so cute. Are you sure they won't try the cupboard out again though looks like they were enjoying themselves lol. Jenny x

  13. Ok, where to start? First, sorry about your computer problems...I can, wait, it's happened to me so I can empathize! Second, sorry about your thumb! I did that a few weeks ago and it was horrible how something so small could hurt so much!!! Hey, I can empathize again! Lol!
    Third, I have to skip the card for a sec, your dogs are so cute!!! I love the pictures of them taking over your cubbies! You need to put a little pillow in there so they can lay down in comfort because they obviously aren't yours anymore!
    Ok, now onto the card (whew, this is going to be a loooong post!). I love how despite all this, you created such a bright and cheery card! It's brilliant!
    Rene :D

  14. First of all I can't believe I haven't left you a sweet note about this delightful post. Your card is so pretty! Lots of colors and rainbows and birds. Love the colors!!!! Well the cubbies are for your dogs don't you know that!!!!!! I hope you will give them their cute little houses - they will inspire you with love. Your space is wonderful but I will always encourage you to make space for those two cuties!!!!!!

  15. Hi Kelly! Oh goodness, sorry to hear about your thumb and computer! At least now you can laugh about it as all is well and you had your wine LOL! Your card is so delightful...lovely colors and lots of detailed work, Kelly! Your furry friends are so cute, and yes, I encourage you to give them their space in your craft room. I recently lost my "little girl" in July and now there's a big void in my room when I want to sit and craft.

  16. Bright and colorful just the way I like it!

  17. Lovely card, love the papers and colours too xx

  18. Kelly this is a work of art!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!! Wow excellent work on this!!!!! I love it!!!!!

  19. Your card creation made me happy the instant I looked at it. Very sweet and so awesome! Beautiful coloring too!

    Laura C.

    PS I love what you've done with your craft room


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