Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sympathy Card for a Man

    My husband requested I make a sympathy card for him to give to someone he knows, that man just lost his father.  My husband thought it would take me 5 minutes to make a card!! Right!  He kept bugging me and asking me "are you done yet?" just like a little kid. It took me almost an hour because of his distractions, sitting by my side and whining. I just laugh at him as he is not interested in my cards, but encourages me to make them.
   This is the first time my husband watched over me and kept me company while I made a card. Funny.


  1. Great Card! Don't see a lot of men's cards, very very nice!

  2. This is an awesome card. I would say it is beautiful but don't think I should say that about a masculine card. lol!! I want to case this one someday if you don't mind. Love it!!!

  3. love the husband story. love your pics also. thanks for making them a high enough resolution that "old eyes" can see them! love your work too! Beautiful card.


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