Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Kitchen is done!

I wanted to share my favorite room with you, my Kitchen!
We swapped rooms when we were re-building the house and now the kitchen is in the former living room.  We could not decide on a counter top for it so after 3 months of working with plywood I now have a finished kitchen.
We had to wait until we were almost done with the house to choose our countertop because we did not know if we should invest the money into Granite.  The cost of granite in Rapid City, SD is huge for our kitchen the bids were about $9,000.00.  Since my hubby travels to MN for work every other week, only 9 hours away, lol  He met with the Granite shop there and found this set of black countertops for only $4,000.00.  Still a lot of money but In SD they wanted $2,000.00 for Formica tops so we took the risk of splurging on Minnesota Granite.
Now how to get them here and install them, 2000 pounds of Granite is not easy.

We had a trailer big enough and the Granite company packed it onto their A-frame for us so it would arrive safe.  The small perimeter pieces were easy and my husband and 2 boys put them in when they arrived after a 9 hour drive. hehe love my hubby!  The next day, The big island weighing in at 1000 pounds was installed.  My boys and 1 other guy managed to perfectly place the 5 foot x 9 foot granite onto the island without a problem, well the new guy we had just met had a bloody finger, poor guy!

Carrying in the big island by sliding it along cardboard.
We had to kennel the dogs during this process.

Looked easy huh! I was closing my eyes as they lifted it and placed it on the cabinets. whew!

Here is the finished kitchen that I am so blessed to have.

We wanted casual everyday seating around the island and boy do we like this, just push your dish to the sink boys!

We have a sliding door to the back deck and the living room is on the other side of our basement steps.

the entrance to my craft room is just to the right, so I can craft and cook at the same time as long as I don't forget about the food, hahaha

I am so blessed by the talents my husband has and all that he has taught his children to get this house back together.

We have plenty of space now and I think I will start some mixed media projects on here too.

My husband is very practical and I love color so I chose Polish Pottery for cooking and serving. This is a new addiction for me, thanks Karen!  My older son Scott decided that I should have glass on the doors, I would have eventually gotten there! Scott wanted to do something nice for me and cut the 2 pieces of material to make the see through glass doors and siliconed it onto the doors.  I was so happy with his thoughtfulness he is also very talented to have around the house, my honey do list.

Thank you for stopping by today the craft room will be next on my blog some day soon.


  1. Wow!! love love love this kitchen, so family friendly and beautifully designed Kelly!!!

  2. Everything is just beautiful! Wowzers so much talent in one family!!!Just in time for the holidays! Enjoy your new home and God Bless all of you.
    Hugs, Cathy

  3. Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous!! Totally gorgeous and I am so happy to hear the smile in your voice again!! Love it

  4. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Yeah, completed at last. :) So happy for you.

  5. It was certainly worth the wait Kelly, it all looks fantastic - what talented men you have in your beautiful house! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Kelly you have a good cooking kitchen -- I sure have enjoyed the recipes you have shared with me. Do you miss fresh chicken and fresh eggs?
    Your kitchen is delightful - my favorite part - the island. So useful for so many things! Congratulations!!
    Sandy xx

  7. It is gorgeous Kelly. A beautiful place to cook and have family gatherings. Love seeing your newly restored home. Can we have some photos of your craft room!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  8. Beautiful, Kelly! So lucky to have those talented men around!!!!

  9. Wow Kelly, your Kitchen belongs in a Design Magazine it is so beautiful. The granite is to die for, love the dark color very chic! Can't wait to see your Craft Room.

  10. It looks fabulous, Kelly - how wonderful to have friends and family pull together to create this fantastic family kitchen (and so handy for the craft room too!).
    Alison xx

  11. Your kitchen is gorgeous, K! I can just imagine all the goodness you'll be cooking up! :o)

  12. Turned out beautifully, Kelly! Love your granite, btw! Great investment! You should be proud and happy! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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