Saturday, October 24, 2015

Craft (Room) Wall

It seems over the years my craft room has been shrinking! haha This one is on one wall but it is very efficient for my crafting style. I designed it this way so that we could have a family dining room. I also did not want upper cabinets so that I can clutter the wall with eclectic things.
My room is also nicely stocked thanks to the love and friendship from my fellow crafty friends.  Thank you so much for helping me get re-established with my crafting, you all have touched my heart over and over!!!


As you look into the room from the kitchen.  A bench is on the right and you can't see but the door to the garage and washer and dryer are on the left side.  This room is actually a mudroom, laundry room and craft room. We also store and feed all 4 dogs and a cat from this room, pretty busy in this tiny space. lol

I purchased these 2 bins at Target and they came with the white jars, perfect storage for quick grabbing of items.

Here is the Prima box I made and 2 decorative jars from a home decor store in Rapid City. Just had to have some pretty to go with function.

Michael store had a great sale so I could display my beloved pocket letters from friends and some cards too.

Pier 1 is where this 2 tiered tray comes from, originally intended for the kitchen but it worked better here.  I have the most used accessory stamps on top and tools on the bottom.  My favorite new tool is the Spellbinders pick with the foam pad, wow it cleans those die cuts with out ripping the papers up. Love it my friend!

Also from Target is this file box perfect for my papers, yes this is all I am allowing myself to have, all my papers are in here in all sizes, I have learned to not covet and hoard, lol a hard lesson but I feel better about it. So anyways, one of my friends gave me the doily stickers and so I adorned my box with them, I love doilies. I told you I am so blessed with gifts from my friends. 

The left side of the cabinet drawers are a over indulgent Prima order I made. I love their flowers and the chipboard that goes on anything, mixed media, pocket letters, cards, so fun and versatile, this will last me a year probably. lol

My embellish drawer with some dividers from things I used in the apartment for other storage. I have a lot of sunlight in this area of my room, cheery

My flowers from other places are sorted here 

My most used ribbons are in the bottom drawer

I have 2 huge deep drawers for die cuts

Inside the die cut drawer are magnets along the inside drawer edges and the Go-Create dies fit perfectly there.

The bin from Micheals holds the smaller dies by theme. Here is a open bin from the overall storage container.  Those tiny squares hold already cut dies that I can use in the future.

the deep bottom drawer holds stamps, and some of my creations so the cat doesn't eat them.  I used metal bins from Micheals, yes they had a great sale that day, lol. I love flipping through them so I can see what I have, otherwise I won't use them.

On the right side are drawers I use for specific themes, like this one is all mixed media embellishing.  Because of the generous gift from 2 crafters I have the rest in a kitchen cabinet, I will be getting into mixed media more in the winter months as my life calms down. My heart is so full from you ladies.

Here is my pocket letter drawer. I have PL I received in the left side box and on the right are ones that I am working on. A few embellishments in the front.

This drawer is for finished cards, scrap paper or images that are stamped but not colored.

The top drawer is the main ingredients to everything I do.

My gorgeous gifts from friends are display high on top so no one can destroy them, aka kids, cat.

My hubby made these small shelves for me from leftover trim off the kitchen cabinets. He hung them when I was not home to surprise me, lol The items below are for storage and display. The green bin is attached to the wire mesh, from Micheals. All my roses are in the bins.

The bin holds felt, cheesecloth, sequins, a tussie mussie from a friend and I lined them with doilies so nothing falls through.

I found this 3 tier metal stand recently at Hobby Lobby and filled it up with Mixed media things. So handy to grab and all the pretty colors look great too. 

Here are some pretty boxes from a friend with laces and ribbons in them. 

I purchased this wall storage from pottery barn, it was on sale but this was a bigger purchase that set the tone for the room.  It holds a lot of stuff and is so convenient for grabbing things right in front of where I work.

Here is a look from the window.

My husband loves the design so I can do laundry and cook while I craft, haha but yes I can multi task pretty good and accomplish more, that means more time in the craft room. lol

Thank you for stopping by my blog for a look, I would say this craft room is a minimal simplistic way to store crafts.  This way I am teaching myself not to over do and use what I have and a grateful reminder of the love of my friends.  I still struggle with not indulging on buying crafts but I just call my friend and its over, she has way more will power than I do, lol

Wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. Your new craft room is outstanding!!! Have fun and I look forward to seeing your new creations! Hugs, Cathy

  2. Great use of space! It's so functional and pretty too. I am now motivated to clean up my craft space and use some of your genius storage ideas. Love it!

  3. This is fabulous Kelly, so organised and beautifully put together. I hope you have many many hours making all your stunning creations. Hugs Suzi x

  4. A gorgeous space and very well organized.

  5. I am so happy you have such a great area to do your crafting again! Lots of cool ideas for storage! Hugz

  6. Such a heart warming post Kelly, your room looks fabulous and how lovely that your friends played such a large part in getting you back up and running - huge kudos to you and them! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Oh Kelly, your craft room is gorgeous!! So glad to see you are getting your stash built up and the things you have are fabulous!! Have fun in your room, you deserve it after all you and your family have been through.

  8. I love your crafty space Kelly and even better that you can multi-task.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  9. Very inspiring Kelly, I love all the light that you can enjoy, and this is so neat, all the drawers and stuff! Congrats. happy creating. Hugs.

  10. You are more organized now than I will ever be Kelly. I feed the cats in my craft room too.
    Sandy xx

  11. This is just beautiful Kelly, You should have a wonderful time creating here, congrats xo Julie P

  12. Oh Wow!!! you are so organised and neat Kelly…. and it all looks so pretty… Love the dark wood - it really shows off the crafting goodies nicely! :-)
    My room is an awful mess… at moment I'm just trying to make my piles of clutter look a little neater! ;-) Lol.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  13. Wowsa Kelly, what a fab crafting space.

  14. You have done so much with a limited amount of space! I am really impressed! And I love how you have stored everything! :^)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Penny

  15. It's a beautiful space, K! You're going to be creating amazing pieces in such an inspiring and well organized area! :o)

  16. It's all looking just fantastic - a lovely space and beautifully organised. I'm so happy you have somewhere lovely to play again.
    Alison xx


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