Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To a Loving Home

The hardest part of leaving our hobby farm are the animals that we need to relocate to another home.  They are fun and loving as we raised them all from babies.  We need to have them go to a loving family on a hobby farm, they are so sweet and do not ever cause trouble.

Our youngest is 2 year old quarter horse little stallion to be Fox.  My daughter purchased him and we walked him on a lead rope like a dog because he is so calm and loves affection.

His head shot.  A bit of winter hair is left on him.

This is the best confirmation shot I could get of him.

Now we have a shy Llama, she loves the animals but is afraid of us. Her companion died last year and she took to Fox in their own pasture for the winter. She is about 4 years old.

Here is Daisy a 5 year old quarter horse that my daughter trained up until the fine tuning of riding.  She needs to be finished up for riding and would make a great 4H or trail riding horse.  She is nice and loves all the animals in the pasture.  She has a mothering instinct in her also. 

She loves her nose rubbed.

Here is Daisy's conformation.  She has a blond mane and tail.

Last but not least are the goats.  They are well fed and get along great with the horses and Llama.  They are so funny when the dogs are in the pasture with them, they try to buck the dogs and charge at them.  They also love to climb onto car hoods too.

We would appreciate if anyone would love to have any of these gorgeous creatures or knows someone who would like them to email me.  We would love to sell them but also realize that we only have a few weeks until we are permanently moved out of State so free works too.
They will love you too!!! Please email me for pickup in Central Minnesota!
Thank you,


  1. OMG.....the worst part of moving and down sizing!!!! Tearing up just thinking about it!!!!! Hope you find a good home for those beautiful animals!

  2. What Christina said!!! Those animal buddies of yours are gorgeous.

  3. This really must be the most difficult of decisions for you to make! I do hope you find loving homes for these very beautiful animals. I don't know much about horses but I love the Llama and the goats....... if only... Hugs, Anne xx

  4. I'm not sure if "love to climb onto car hoods" is something you want to be advertising! :) Try: does laundry and cleans windows! They will certainly find a home then.

  5. Now you are breaking my heart - are you sure you want to do this!!!!!
    Sandy xx

  6. I can only imagine how hard this will be for your family! I hope they all find wonderful, loving homes!

  7. This has to be difficult for you and your family. Our animals are part of family and I hope you find great homes for these critters. I feel so sad that they can't go with you. Good luck!
    Hugs, Cathy

  8. Oh my goodness! I, too, am tearing up just reading and thinking about your move and all things included in it. My heart goes out to y'all for being so brave to make this huge life change. I love your beautiful animals and wish I lived closer to y'all because I am sure I would jump on the opportunity to take on the task of giving them all a new home. But since I no longer live in WI and am now down in SC along the beach front I don't have a field for them to roam on. I hope you will have good luck with finding someone who will give them a new home and make them welcome as new family members into their family. Take care and God Bless you and your family.

  9. This must be really hard... how sad saying goodbye to the animals you've nurtured, but how lovely that they are going to caring new homes.
    Alison xx


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