Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoying a Beautiful Day in MN

We took time to enjoy our place in MN and had a blast.  I have more photos of other silly adventures the teenagers did on Facebook here.  We only have 2 weeks left and we will be living in a urban area and these freedoms will not be there for safety and sanity reasons. 

New kittens are such a blessing in the Spring, fun to watch and cuddle.  Eli talked his dad into taking one to South Dakota with us. 

Eli is big enough to be able to run the lawn mower! NO not what you think! lol  He is driving at the lowest speed with no mower on at all.  He will be 6 years old in a few weeks and it very tall for his age.  He loves tractors of all kinds so this was a long waited treat for him to do.

So he is riding past his brothers showing off as they were unable to drive this young, they were too short and not heavy enough to engage the motor. lol

We are cleaning out our sheds and the go-cart does not work so the boys are pulling it behind the 4-wheeler while the driver of the go-cart steers himself into twists and turns, Andy.  I loved it when Noah went over a series of bumps and Andy is flying over them, no one was hurt and it was great entertainment.

This wheel fell off numerous times. Andy is my daughters boyfriend and she was with me on the outdoor swing yelling at him to be careful, sounds like me her whole life, hmmmm, now she is doing it!  She was surprised at herself acting like her mom. hehe

So Isaac took to a safer event and was doing acrobats on our clothes line.  I will miss this clothes line as they are not allowed in our new development, there are rules there, hehe, I wonder how many are going to be broke with us country folk. lol

So we had fun and the boys used up all their energy playing instead of working.  I am glad we took this time to enjoy our place.

Have a great week my friends,


  1. I loved the photos when I saw them of FB, but the kitten photos are just adorable!! Hugs, Anne x

  2. Superb shots ! Thanks for sharing with us these super moments !
    Oh so sweet kitten :-))

  3. Great pics, Kelly!!!!! Are the boys looking forward to the big move?????
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great pictures Kelly. Enjoy the country as much as you can. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing
    Hugs, Cathy

  5. Fabulous photos Kelly, The kittens are so adorable...I hope all goes well with the move.. Hugs May x x

  6. Now those are wonderful photos. I had a blast just seeing them!! Thanks for the updates and I hope you're doing okay through all the changes.
    Lisa x

  7. Looks like you've really been making the most of that amazing environment. Doesn't Eli look happy up on his mower?!
    Alison xx


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