Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Round of Moving to South Dakota

I want to document this moment for my family but we get so busy that I forget to take the photos.  So here is our new home in the hills of Rapid City.  It is half the size that we have in MN as well as only 1/2 acre versus the 40 acre hobby farm we are leaving.  I know this is a huge step for our family!

Here is the front of our home in South Dakota.  We have neighbors all around but not too close.

Above is our living room and below is the kitchen. After we move out of our MN home I will share MN versus SD home so you can see the difference, a huge difference, see all the white everywhere??

Below is the master bedroom and it is full of light. 

Here is the inside of our trailer just waiting to be unloaded.

The side of the house has a walk out from the basement, very nice and convenient for when the dogs come here to live too.

Here is the back of our home, on the left is the Master Bedroom then the the middle is the Living Room and on the right is the dining room.

So yes this is quite small and plain but this is the house we always went back to after all the rest kept selling before we could get a offer on them.  So we figured this is the one we are meant to start our new adventures with.  It has walking trails, a big park with facilities as well as movie nights in the summer all behind our house.  
I am so proud of my family, we all worked together to clean the home and get it in order.  We will be leaving to go back to MN for the closing on our home in a few weeks and return with another load of things to put into this home.  So pretty much it is full already and no room for anything else!  I cannot tell you how hard it is to downsize and I thought I did well but I have another load to bring so I will need to sell more things as they will not fit!  Even the craft room is full! lol

I will update more as things progress.
Have a great Mothers Day!


  1. Kelly, it is a beautiful home, it looks wonderfully spacious to me and so much lovely light too! Well done for making this huge move with your family, I hope you are all very happy in this new home - and of course, smaller means less cleaning - more time to craft! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Awww, K! It looks like a really beautiful home in a lovely location! What a huge job you've been doing! The end is in sight, and soon you'll just get to enjoy it! I wish you all the best as you settle in! :o)

  3. This is a great home Kelly and I enjoyed seeing the photos and the starting place for your new adventure!

  4. Home sweet home !!! Wonderful place !! Thanks for sharing with us these shots !

  5. What a nice home! I'm sure your add your personality to it. I bet you'll be happy to sit and relax again. Thinking of you sweetie and no matter what you will always be my country sista!
    Hugs, Cathy

  6. I love your new home, Kelly!!!!!! The kitchen is so spacious.....mine is a walk-in kitchen and I never liked it!!! I like having neighbors, BUT NOT TOO CLOSE!!! Perfect choice!!!! That's a huge change from country life, but I think a welcome change.

  7. My comment was lost in blog I'll do a redo! Fantastic the land! Can't wait to see your craft room all set up!
    Rene :D

  8. Kelly it's beautiful, so spacious, I love it. xx

  9. Compared to UK homes, this looks really spacious, but oh how I feel your pain on the downsizing. I've still got a whole container of stuff in storage, trying to work out what gets to stay and what is really on the way out. Sounds like a real family effort is under way to make a success of this new adventure, and I'm sure you will!
    Alison xx

  10. I love it Kelly!! Looks brand new and will be an awesome famly home:)

  11. This looks like such a gorgeous spacious home. Please share your craft room when it is set up.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  12. It looks beautiful Kelly! You will be settled in before long and it will look completely different when you have the interior finished the way you want. Happy Mother's Day! Hugs

  13. Lovely home...I love all the space. and love the neighbours being far! nothing like I have here!!! Happy Mother's day Kelly. Hugs.!

  14. It looks beautiful Kelly and compared to houses here in the UK it's spacious and with all that green space around too I'm sure it's going to suit you all beautifully. Wishing you every happiness. X

  15. It looks quite nice Kelly -- I always believe that the best way to spring clean is to move and with this move for you - there will be quite a lot of hard decisions. What to keep and what to give away A whole new life is about to begin - how exciting -
    Sandy xx

  16. Hi Kelly,
    I think you new home is just wonderful. Lovely big lawn. When you get it the way you want decorated you'll love it I'm sure. I know where you are coming from when you have to down size. I found it very emotional as well as difficult to decide. I move into my tiny Condo June 11th. Good luck

  17. I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED for you!!!! I love that it's a ranch like mine with an awesome basement!!! That porch is heavenly and I'm so excited that you don't have acres and acres to worry about. Those movies sound like they would be incredibly fun! I absolutely LOVE the house that found you. :D
    Lisa x


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