Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Buckets

I made tags out of Library cards from books.  My friend Sandy made one here on her blog and I loved what she did so she sent me a few to try myself.
This is what I did with them.

 These 2 are complete with the pocket and the inside book checkout card. Remember those when we were in school and you had to write your name on the card and the librarian would take the card and stamp the date on it.  Who would have thought that some day I would be crafting with one.
They come plain pocket and white checkout card and like Sandy I inked words on it and then distressed them. 

Here above is 1 with the tag pulled out, this one is for the younger grandson and has a list of cute titles for him.  I put on a honey comb pumpkin that I made with Inky antics honey comb paper.  
Below is the other tag for the older grandson and is more detailed for scarier scene.  On the front outside I have a Tim Holtz scrollwork die and a honey comb pumpkin with bats. On the left is the inside book checkout card that I made a spider web and distressed inked the card. 

Now on the other side of the above tag has a row of tricker treaters and then the Tim Holtz rickety house die cut.  I had to make my own ghosts.  I used Copics to color the image and when you put it into the pocket the kids disappear one by one, kinda like a pull out card on a kids book.

Here is a side view so you can see I decorated the front and back pocket as well as the inside card on this tag.

Lays pretty flat except the pumpkin.

Here is the first tag for the younger grandson on his bucket of treats.

Here is the second tag for the older grandson that will be coming to stay with me this week.  Him and my son love playing together so it will be fun!

I just wanted to share how fun these library cards are to craft with.  Sandy bought them from Funkie Junkie Store in case you would like to give them a try.
Happy Halloween!


  1. I like what you did with yours. Great designs and details. Sandy sent me some to, but haven't decided what I am going to do so far. You are both so talented and have such great ideas.

  2. Kelly this is a wowzer of an idea and you did a wonderful job with these library cards. I knew when I saw them that they had all kinds of possibilities and they are so much fun. I hope Linda at the Funky Junky will get more in! I think I bought her out lock, stock and barrel!!


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