Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Sandy

This is a Birthday Tribute to a dear friend of mine Sandy 

If you love humor you probably have already come across Sandy from Simply Sandy, and she is not simple by any means.  Today is her birthday "Just South of 70" as she would say.  I have been blessed to get to know her since she broke her hip in July.  This women is full of creativity and wit.  She has had a fun and interesting life as well as she loves to get your creative juices thinking.  Sandy's heart is so generous in many ways as well as having a positive attitude. 

 Many of you creative bloggers, Sandy admires, and speaks highly of. 
Please go to Sandy's Blog Here and tell her Happy Birthday.  

I am going to share with you the Magnolia Birthday Card I made for her, the Saturated Canary Tag and another tag that I made for her.  Sandy loves tags, she used to study Art, so she is a great critique of our work but would rather make us smile or laugh.

This first tag I used peel and stick cork with script writing that I found at Micheal's.  Then I used script tissue paper and made a tattered floral, the die is from Tim Holtz.  I embossed the sentiment and mounted it on a Cheery Lynn die.

The flower below is what Sandy kept telling me to make, so finally I did.  You use any clear plastic and  cut out your shape of flower.  Use clear Gesso and paint on to the plastic and then let it dry.  Paint your paint, stain or mist chalkboard paints  onto the plastic and let it dry.  I stuck the middle of the flower with a piercing tool, used my heat gun to soften the plastic and formed the flower.  I glued or glue dotted several sizes of flowers together as well as a piece of the script tissue paper to create it.

A closer look at Tim Holtz's Tattered Floral die in tissue paper and the leaves are from Tim Holtz Tattered Pinecone die.

Sandy loves Saturated Canary images so I thought this one was appropriate for us.  I made a tag and added some features that I thought she would like, even a feather from one of our geese!  

I colored them in Copics on Cryogen paper, Sandy is the person who introduced me to Cryogen, oh am I grateful for that!!  Thanks Dear!!  She loves mine and Chris Dark's doodling so I made sure to include it on her tag.  It looks like static from talking too much!

Notice on the bottom the goose feather and Hello Sugar, Sandy always says "Sugar"

Now for the Grand Finale    Magnolia Birthday Card!!!

Sandy adores animals and loves to view photos of them from our farms.  Her Husband is building a cute barn for her to have chickens and goats.  I chose the Christmas Story set because of the animals and the pretty Tilda is about to get bucked.  (humor) I distressed Inked the scene I created.

A closer look of Joyful Tilda

Sweet Piglet and Otto would love a nummy cookie Tilda.

A Simple inside with my Pion Cardstock and a Prima Sentiment card.

Life is so short and we have so many gifts right in front of us.  Sandy and I unexpectedly just hit it off from day one and I appreciate her being part of my life.
Happy Birthday Sugar!


  1. what a wonderful card and tag, I'm sure Sandy will love it , Beautifully designed and created
    Hugs julie P

  2. Fabulous Kelly! Sandy will love everything you created! How wonderful that you made her birthday so memorable!

  3. Oh my word - Kelly you have really made my heart smile and yes I really love tags. All of your creations are splendid and I cannot wait to get them. How you do all this I will never know. You know how much I love you sweet lady and I admire you and Tom and your wonderful family so much. You accomplish more in one day than I can in one month!!!
    Love you and thanks again!!

  4. Such a stunning creation and what a sweet and obviously heartfelt tribute!! :)

  5. Awesome cards/tags Kelly. Gorgeous desigms of each project in addition, your coloing on those images are darling :o)

  6. Hi Kelly,
    What glorious gifts you have made for Darling Sandy.
    Your work on them all is outstanding and I know she is going to treasure them.
    Hugs, Candy

  7. All of these are beautiful!! : )

  8. Your CARDS are all SO GORGEOUS!!! Lovely coloring and beautiful designs. I love what you did with the Magnolia scene it made me smile.


  9. Brilliant card Kelly. I love how you have the animals arranged. So funny. super colouring.
    hugs Maz

  10. ooooh wow kelly!!! these are all so are so super talented chickie! :)

  11. Lovely creations, Kelly. They are all gorgeous and beautifully colored.
    Cathy Lee

  12. I know Sandy very well and know she is loving this card with all the details. Sandy is an awesome lady and your artwork is all pretty awesome too! I love it all and Sandy will too.

  13. This is precious and loaded with humor!!! My gosh you couldn't have made a more perfect birthday card for one special lady. :D
    Dangit..totally missed it...back to her blog I go..LOL!
    Love your card Kelly
    Lisa xx

  14. Kelly you have totally outdone yourself with all of these gorgeous creations. Wow Sandy is going to love each and very one! Outstanding art for an outstanding person! Love it all.
    Hugs, Cathy

  15. What a lovely tribute to such a wonderful person.
    She will treasure your beautiful gifts.....thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! Yes, indeed, she is very special and so are you for thinking of her in such a special way!

  16. Hey Sugar - I had to go back and admire everything again - a box will be in the mail soon - everything all packed up and ready to go -- just have to get to town in time!!!!!! LOL! But I know you know how that is. I love you Miss Kelly!

  17. Fabulous colouring, doodling and designs Kelly and such a perfect tribute to our dear friend Sandy...I couldn't agree more with everything you've said and I only hope I'll have her zest for life a bit further down the line. Hugs, Chris :)


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