Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dear Blogging Friends

If you are on Facebook you already know what happened to our family.  I just wanted to inform my friends and family who do not have a Facebook that I will not be posting for a long while.
I have about 3 scheduled posts for my design teams which I am going to miss dearly.

We had a fire in our home in South Dakota 2 nights ago and it is unlivable.  We are all safe and so are the pets.  This is quite a tragedy for us and we are living moment by moment. 
Prayers are awesome!

If you would like to see photo's please visit my FB page here.
My 15 year old son is amazing, he kept his composure while I fell apart, he turned off the gas to the house, took photographs and stayed in the freezing cold air until the firefighters were gone. I am so proud and grateful for Noah!

I have a few scheduled cards to share and I am not sure if my craft room has anything salvageable yet. It will be a long summer coming before I can craft again.  I will try to peak at your blogs when I can. Thank you for all your support.
Hugs Kelly


  1. Awww, K!! I'm so sorry for what you're going through but believe that all will be well! Know that I am praying for you! Please keep in touch as you are able!

  2. I have been following the events on Facebook and was horrified to see what has happened to you and your lovely family. I am so glad that you and the animals are all safe and your Son was remarkable. You are constantly in my thoughts, I just wish I was closer to you so that I could help in some way. Take care my lovely friend. Big hugs, Anne xx

  3. Oh no ! it's terrible ! Oh so glad you and your family and pets are ok oufff !
    I think of you, big hugs my friend, courage !

  4. Holy crap!! I'm so sorry Kelly! I'm so glad you posted this here, I never get on FB and had no idea. I can't believe this happened after ALL you've done to re-arrange things in your home lately. I hope insurance comes through for you and you're able to get settled in a reasonable time. We have plenty of room here if you all need to stay with us. It's not in your local area, but you're always welcome for as long as you'd like.
    Biggest of hugs to you and YEAH for your son holding his composure. I'm so sorry sweetie!!

  5. Oh Kelly I'm so, so sorry to read this… oh how awful for you… but I'm glad at least you are all safe, pets as well. But what a devastation it must be… Stay strong and I hope you manage to salvage some things… gosh I can't begin to imagine how awful this feels losing all your stuff. Noah sounds a real hero... glad he is there to support you through this.
    I will pray for you hun!
    Sending much love and huge hugs, Sue B xx

  6. oh i'm so sorry to read that ! it's terrible! good to read you are all safe!
    thinking of you

    1. I'm so sorry to read this, it's terrible!! thanks god you're all safe, Sending a very big hug and thinking of you!

  7. Hopefully things are beginning to settle and your life can move on. I've followed all of your posts on FB. What a tragic nightmare and thank god for your brave son! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you love with hugs! Cathy

  8. OMG, Kelly. I had no idea. I am so very sorry, but grateful that you and your pets made it out OK. I am sure this was just devastating. Sending up prayers for you and your family...
    Big hugs, Penny

  9. Such desperate news, Kelly - but so thankful that at least none of you were harmed. As I said in other comments, my thoughts are with you xx


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