Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Craft Room

I know I just had a new purple craft room for only 9 months and now it is tan and a lot smaller.  How did that happen!

 We have a son with some health issues so under Doctors advice we tore all the old carpet out, repainted, fixed some issues and then moved him to a bigger more airy room and me to his former bedroom.  He still has hives, been 6 weeks but we are getting some answers to help him, his immunity is a wreck and I am hoping we have more defined answers next week when we get to see his test results.

I had another chance to get the craft room organized more efficiently but also keeping it pretty and comfortable to work in.  After 4 times I think I may have it right. lol

What a mess, this is only a portion of my craft room in the living room while we redid the bedroom half of the house.

Here it is, 12x12 foot room with a tiny closet. I love it and my furniture actually fit!

This is the desk I chalk painted and I love the storage it has on both sides. 

I have a new light, it hangs low to the desk and I can turn the lights to any area in the room. Great for coloring and it warms me up when I am cold.

So you have seen all four walls in my room, I have about 2/12 foot to walk around my middle desk to each section.  I tried to organize for how I work and by theme.

On the tops of each tower, (3) I have all my gifts from my blogger friends, I love them and thank you all for your generosity.

So here is a closer look at how I store my stuff

Pretty boxes from Micheals and labels for large stamps, punches and papers.  The plastic suit case type boxes on the bottom left are great for my Spellbinders, round, oval, rectangle and Go-create dies.  The boxes are from Micheals too, big sale one day 50% off storage, I had fun!

These are the big drawers from my Chalk painted chest. I have a small drawer for Vegabond accessories, Tim Holtz Sizzix dies, ribbons, paint and sprays.  The lower right photo is the tiny closet I have for more not so pretty storage.  See the pretty box on the top with flowers in it, well it sits on my middle desk so I can enjoy their beauty. Actually now I use it because I see it.

Here are metals and canvas type things in a bottom drawer. I used the smaller Prima boxes to put on top of a shadow box I had so I have more storage but can move them around.  A lot of the storage boxes here are flowers, wow I had no idea how many flowers I had until I organized them by size and vendor. Crazy! 

This is my color shelf with Copics and Distressed Inks. I also have my Magnolia stamps in binders on  plastic sheets so I can see them better. I have misc stamps in the wire baskets on the bottom left photo.  In the bigger plastic totes on the 2 bottom right photos are my dies, yep a lot of dies, how do I accumulate all this! So each wide box has individual bins so I can easily find them. I have them labeled for corners, swirls, doily, by vendor, ect. One is just for Magnolia Doohickeys.  They are also from Micheals. My friend is using these boxes for her Magnolia collection.  

Well I am blessed with generous friends and husband whom I am grateful for all I have. I hope to have given you some ideas for storage and it doesn't have to look ugly. lol
Have a great day and thank you for the comments you leave for me


  1. Fantastic craft room Kelly, I have a room of similar size but not all the beautiful storage you have, I have two closets which hold all my stuff but I love how you have everything to hand and I love the flowers in the boxes on your next that is fantastic and the chalked desk & units are wonderful, I'm sure you will have many happy hours in your room. Have fun :)
    Hugs Teresa xx

  2. A beautiful room Kelly, wonderful storage ideas, I love your amazing work station. I Hope this is your final move, lol,
    Hugs Suzi x

  3. Fabulous Kelly. Beautifully bright and love the work station with side storage. In fact I absolutely love it all.
    Happy crafting.
    Hugs Sharon. X

  4. OMG !!!! wonderful room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  5. Your craft room looks amazing. All so perfectly put together. I love the colors and your work station is gorgeous! You sure have been busy and I hope that your son gets well real soon. God Bless you all!
    hugs, Cathy

  6. I am sure it was a lot of work but you have ended up with a gorgeous and yet practical craft room with everything sorted and in its place.
    Hope your doctors can help in a speedy recovery for your son.
    Enjoy your new space!

  7. Tell me when you want me there to craft with you and I'll start packing!
    What you've done is fantastic and this crafting room seems like the PERFECT fit. I am hoping for the very best news for your son and the results lead to an immediate fix. Thanks for the fun peek into your creative world. ALSO, love your living room entertainment table with the mixed colors...LOL.
    Happy weekend and hugs to you.

  8. Oh Wow! your craft room is gorgeous Kelly! I love the light with the adjustable lamps… so perfect for colouring! everything is so neat and organised… wish my room was like this!
    I hope your son goes on ok and you get some answers from those tests.
    Hope you are doing ok. Have a lovely weekend
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  9. Your room looks incredible Kelly, you have worked hard to make it beautiful but it was so very worth it! I love your storage ideas and how you have made maximum advantage of all your space - it's wonderful! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. Wow Kelly!! Love your wonderful room with all the beautiful storage boxes and that desk in the middle is awesome! The boxes on the desk with your flowers is to die for. Looks like you have everything at hand and can see all you have got. I am very impressed and a little envious LOL

  11. How fantastic for you! That room is so bright and beautifully organized! :^)
    Hope you find out what will help your son soon! :^)
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Penny

  12. wow fantastic room and love the soft chalk furniture!!! fab lighting too, hope your son feels better soon, hugs Liz xx

  13. Oh my goodness, Kelly - so sorry to hear about your son - hope you can get to the bottom of it soon and get him back on the road to health.

    I think you've done wonders with your enforced relocation - it looks like you've organised your smaller space to perfection - and it all looks so lovely too... a really creative space.
    Alison xx


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