Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Craft Room

I really did not need to do this because I have a ton on my plate BUT……..what a deal and I have always wanted this desk!!  My daughter works at a Big Lots Store, a nice one, this was on clearance and with her discount I scored the desk of my dreams.

The new desk is on the left and it has cubbies on both sides with adjustable shelves.  Both me and my 5 year old can be at this table without getting into each other's space.  It also came with the stools!  Of course it just happened to match my existing cabinet leftover from the baby days  So my decor had to change, I got rid of the white shelf and small white desk and reworked it all.

The boxes on this shelf have my finished cards and some embellishing. All the doilies are from my mother-in-law, she made them for me.

On top of my cream shelf are all the gorgeous canvases and cards that I have received from my blogging friends, do you recognize your artwork girls!!

Here is the best stash I have, my Distressed Inks and Copics!!  I am sitting right next to this shelf, so convenient to use. The light shines into this shelf so I can see the little numbers on the Copics! lol

Here is one side of the desk and how I stored my older stamps, die cuts and charms ext

This is my closet with a ton of embellishments and paper, my tools, ext

I also had to buy this shelf to put additional artwork on, never enough display area, 4 of my friends creations are on here along with mine.

More shelves for display that are built into my wall.  I also have my Magnolias in the big wire baskets and the small pearls, embellies, pins and bezels are in the white drawers.

My card mascot, she is always in this corner with my 6x6 pads of paper

A closer look at too much stash

Here is the shelf but you can see everything better

On my desk is a cubby with the little stuff I use a lot of and I will put misc small stamps in the basket to the left.  My drink? goes on the doily so not to make a mess on the table. hehe I know it will get messy! 

Here is the view across the room and I plan on doing most of my messy mixed media over there so my supplies are on the rollout cabinet.

Thanks for hanging around my tour,
Have a great day


  1. What a beautiful space in which to create... love it... wish you lots of inspiration in your new Ann Marie

  2. What a fantastic room!! I just love it so much Kelly!

  3. Kelly! That is a dream come true- a scrappers heaven! So beautiful, and so much room!
    You are a lucky lady!

  4. Gorgeous space to create in Kelly....Love your desk & shelving... your little card mascot is Beautiful.... Hugs May x x x

  5. Oh so gorgeous Kelly! Your room is totally awesome with lots of goodies. What a great desk! No wonder you are so excited. Love the windows too!
    Hugs, Cathy

  6. Wow! What a fabulous craft room. It is so pretty and NEAT!!! Mine is usually a constant mess! You are an inspiration!

  7. What a gorgeous room and your desk is divine, I can see why you love it, just beautiful, Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Julie P

  8. Hi Kelley, What a wonderful space to craft in! I wish my craft room looked like yours!

  9. WOW that looks awesome!! I am so jealous!! LOL!! I can't wait to get into a bigger place!! I've had to stop buying stuff because I just don't have room to put anything more and you know how hard that is to do. hee hee Great room!! Love the new desk too!

  10. What a beautiful room to create in!

  11. Wow Kelly, I loved seeing all these pictures! waht a lovely room you have ! for sure you will be "Procraftinating" in there and forget about the rest LOL Hugs.

  12. Kelly, your craftroom is beautiful. You are a very lucky lady. Thanks for sharing!!
    XXX Sylvia

  13. Now there's a pad to be proud of! So pleased for you Kelly. Jenny x

  14. Wowee!! You were a very busy girl, weren't you?? The new desk looks fantastic! So nice to see all of your lovely space up close! :o)

  15. Oh, how beautiful, Kelly - what a treat to have the desk of your dreams and what a gorgeous space you have created to receive it.
    Alison x

  16. Ohhhhhhh....I'm in Heaven. Thank you SO much for sharing Kelly. Your crafty area is truly inspiring....GORGEOUS and you have fantastic organizational skills. Love your new desk!!!


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