Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Into Her Soul

Good Morning Ladies,
This is my last real time post and the rest will be scheduled as I will be away from home for a few weeks.  I will try to get to your blogs in my free time if possible as I love to see what you are making.

We are moving my son and his girlfriend to a beautiful tropical State 2300 miles away!  pooh why can't I be moving there? I hate snow and constant cold weather, this year is especially bad, I am still frozen!
She is going to college there and my son already has 3 job interviews set up as a apprentice plumber. We are quite proud and confident of him doing just fine there.  We are looking forward to the trip and being on the ocean but not leaving him behind.  So hard to let go of the kids but this one is #4.

  So onto the canvas that I painted freehand, except the frame and dragonfly, they are stamps.

This canvas is a 9x12.  After applying gesso to it, I mod podged paper in script on all sides.  I wanted my acrylic paint to be transparent so I mixed it all with Liquitex Glazing Medium.

I went more whimsy and wanted a lighter feel and not so serious canvas.

A little of my doodling when making the vines and flowers

A butterfly on a leaf

We have bleeding hearts in our garden from my oldest son, I really love them and made a tiny vine of it.

Top of the canvas
a butterfly in her hair

Everything is done in acrylic paint with the glazing medium and then some gelatos for shading around the images.

Here she is hanging on my wall which is green so there is a bit of a color change going on in this photo.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and I will try to stay in touch while I am gone.
Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog posts, I enjoy reading them!!


  1. Oh Kelly - this is really gorgeous - you have achieved your goal and you are creating beautiful faces. I am so tickled for you. Someone to come work on my computer shortley!

  2. Oh my gosh, Kelly, this is OUTSTANDING....I love, love this canvas!!! I'm glad she is hanging on your wall or I would have to have her on mine!!!!!! She is the face. I agree with Sandy, you are creating beautiful faces! That's my goal....LOL!

  3. This is nothing short of stunning, fabulous and amazing - your faces are so expressive and believable. LOVE that it's on your green wall, many of the walls in my house are green too! Really suits art to a T! Sorry about your son, but it sounds like he has his head on straight. And now you have all the more reason to go on more frequent vacations! Thanks so much for the beautiful artwork and inspiration!

  4. Stunning work Kelly...Gorgeous face... you are so talented, The detail in your work is Outstanding....I adore this piece of art...Enjoy your trip to your son's new home...I posted a little Thank you to you so hopefully you will get it on your return... Hugs May x x x

  5. It is funny Kelly, while reading your post and watching the pictures of the canvas I suddenly went to your photo by your profile. And it looks like you almost draw your own face on the canvas. The hair, the shape of the face and some other details, you did an amazing job with the face. Also the other details of your canvas are spectacular.
    Have a nice trip and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care!!
    Husgs Sylvia

  6. Outstanding Kelly! Love her face and gorgeous hair. Holy smokes the whole canvas is stunning! Great colors and fabulous free hand! Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute! Don't forget your sunblock and paints!
    Good luck to your son and his girlfriend too!
    Hugs, Cathy

  7. This is fantastic Kelly!!! Safe travels and congrats to your son on all his accomplishments!!!

  8. Hi Kelly, your canvas is simply gorgeous! You have a wonderful ability to make your faces look so realistic. Love the colours and your doodling is just fabulous. Hope the move goes well and that you enjoy your time in the sun too. Hugs, Anne x

  9. OMG ! Such a beauty ! A fabulous work again, love your big talent to draw faces ! Can't say so much words with my bad english but WOW WOW it's fantastic !
    Have good time on your travel, enjoy every moment !

  10. Gorgeous canvas! Beautiful colors. I love the butterfly, just stunning. I feel for you Kelly. One of my boys lives Florida and the other is in Idaho. It hard at first but you do get used to it. At least you can skype. Have a safe trip.


  11. A fantastic canvas Kelly and such skilful painting and doodling, I love her! I wish you well with moving your son and his girlfriend and I'm sure you'll. have some great times at the beach, enjoy the lovely weather and I'm sure it'll help to leave them knowing that they're well settled. Hugs, Chris x

  12. I hope you are enjoying your trip and congratulations for getting #4 out of the house and on their own:)!
    Beautiful canvas and love all of the depth and dimension you've created in your art work.


  13. Stunning freehand painting, Kelly... I do hope you are having a wonderful trip, a successful move, and a lovely time with your son. Parting will be hard - but what a great place to be able to visit (regularly!!)...
    Alison xx

  14.'ve painted my mother!!! I'm not kidding. I have got to get a hold of her highschool picture and you will crap yourself when you see the resemblance. I know I did.....LOL.
    I've been a headless chicken of late and the behinder I get the more I can't seem to catch up and I've truly missed so much, but I knew you were going on vacation, but still...I should have gotten here sooner. Your canvas is AMAZING!!! Just made me look at mine on the wall and smile. :)
    hugs to you my friend,
    Lisa x


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