Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Sandy!

Today a happy surprise for both Sandy and I, we both received our canvas' at the same time!

All this week Sandy kept telling me she wasn't sending me her canvas, "because she felt it wasn't good enough"! That Silly Sandy This morning she called me to tell me that my canvas girl to her arrived, while we were chit chatting my mail came and there was a box from her, I totally didn't expect it, That Sandy!

So I opened my box and there is her gorgeous canvas she made for me!  I was stunned at first because she told me she wasn't sending it to me. I totally fell in love with it right away.  Sandy thought about who I am and where I live while she created it.  Just look how gorgeous it is!

Sandy has it perfect, muted snow, a beautiful glistening sky, cute  house, little words, fence that looks 3-D, the animals we have here and a cup of hot cocoa.

Look at the detail in the snow and the light shadows around the animal.  Look at that cute chicken sticking her head out from the corner.

You can see the texture in the snow and the shadow of the pig.  The fence is layered and is has a 3D effect. I wish my camera would pick some of this up better.

Sandy has a sweet bird on the fence, look at those holly accents.  I love how she muted the hot chocolate into the canvas.  The kitty is on the porch as ours is too.

 This sky is beautiful and her hearts are adorable how they float out of the chimney.  Can you imagine Sandy's mind dreaming this up based on our conversations.  She got me perfect.

Sandy and I agreed to do a exchange of canvas' and this is the one I sent to her below.

I modge podged strips of paper after I colored the background with acrylic paints.  I drew my girl and it is alot like the one in Julie Nutting's book.  I loved that pose so I decided to make one just like it.

Sandy says "Hey Sugar" all the time to me so I had to have it on her canvas.  The text is Tiny Text from Cosmo Cricket.  I used Stampendous fragments on here too.  

I drew out her dress and modge podged it all on and then adorned it with pearls, flowers and a leaf pin I won from Julie P.  I doodled around my girl and the words with a Copic multiliner .05.

The bottom of the dress as it bells out, you can see the cut out flowers, hand painted swirls and doodles.

Sandy and I have gotten to know each other pretty well and she has ignited my creativity in many ways.  She is a true southern lady, not the ones in a magazine but a real person who is as humble as humble pie.  Sandy loves unconditionally, does not judge or is not jealous, she really loves people.  She has a huge sense of humor if you haven't noticed in her comments to you.  We have shared a lot of "artsy fartsy stuff" as she would say, the past few months and I have her to thank for awakening my creative adventures.  She is a gorgeous person!

This has been alot of fun to share together.  My heart is so happy today.
Thanks Sugar!!!
Love Ya, Kelly


  1. WOW WOW WOW... Sandy has a gift. I saw the canvas she made for Chris, and what "hit" me is how she was able to capture Chris' nature. Well she does it again, this canvas truly speaks "Kelly" all over. Sandy is a magician! I truly love what she created for you. how wonderful to receive something so personal.
    Now... re - wow wow wow for you Kelly. I love this beautiful lady you created. Love her dress, love the colors, Absolutely wonderful, I know Sandy will adore. Hugs.

  2. That Sandy! I am amazed at her creativity....this is absolutely perfect, a gorgeous work of art!
    Your lady is outstanding, Kelly! Sandy will treasure this beauty! You girls are just blowing me away with your talent!!!!

  3. What a creative and meaningful gift to exchange with a dear friend! Sandy's canvas is beautiful! It's very similar to the view out my window right now! lol
    Your canvas is gorgeous too, Kelly! I love your sweet girl and her fabulous dress! You've done some incredible doodling on that piece too!
    Thanks so much for sharing both works of art!...Nancy :o)

  4. What wonderful creations, so many details and colours,Gorgeous work, so glad you have found a creative outlet you love and a wonderful friend
    Hugs julie P

  5. Well we did have fun didn't we Kelly!! I only wish people could see your canvas up close and in person. It is much prettier than in the pictures. The colors are muted and yet there is also a depth of color - your design is perfect as are your accents. What a talent you are dear Kelly!!

  6. That Sandy.....she is naughty but very, very nice!! :)(Another of our sayings)! A very happy day today for both of you super duper artists and I have to say that I agree with every word you say about Sandy, she's a diamond as we say over here and I can't believe it, well I can believe it because of her talent but she's even captured your style in the beautiful canvas she made for you Kelly, I really, love it and what a treasure for you to keep. How lovely that she sees where you live and has picked up everything from your conversations, I love it!

    I absolutely love the gorgeous glamour girl you sent to her too, you are such a talent with these girls and this one says Sandy to me, the colours and everything I think and the inspiring words are perfect. Such perfect balance in the canvas with your placement of everything and I really love how you did the fishtail dress!!

    Well I'll be emailing you in a minute as it was a happy mail day for me too, can you believe how quick it came?
    Hugs, Chris

  7. WEll what talent we have here today!!! Everything about Sandy is true and you are also just as sweet. You know the saying that iron sharpens iron and look what you two wonderful talented ladies have done. Each canvas is magnificient. I'm so happy for both of you to experience such joy today! Wowzers!!!
    Hugs, Cathy

  8. Hi Kelly, you have discribed Sandy so very well. You are both very creative in many ways. Both your canvases are awesome, gorgeous, masterpieces. And you are both great and lovely people. I wish I could visit some blogfriends in real and you two are one of them but the distance.......

  9. Both are beautiful works of art. I love the different styles you two did each showcasing your own talent. Great job Sandy and Kelli!

  10. Hi Kelly, came over from Sandy's to say that your canvas is really, really beautiful, much like Sandy herself. Love hers to you too. Anne x

  11. Came over to visit from Sandy's place of world famous Southern hospitality. I absolutely adore both canvasses. There is such detailed work going on and lots of thought put into them.

    Both totally gorgeous.

    Sarn xxx

  12. Popped over from the lovely Sandy's blog... WOW Kelly... your canvas is stunning, Love all the fabulous detail... Hugs May x x x

  13. I'm also here from Sandy's blog to see more photos of both canvasses, my they are something else! Just so beautiful. That Sandy is a trip!


  14. Hi Kelly! I have met you and your blog thanks to our sweetheart Sandy too, and signed up as a follower, you do an AMAZING work! This canvases that you make takes my breath away.
    Nice meeting you :)

  15. Kelly, I think that you and Sandy give me way too much credit :) But, I have to admit that I treasure your and Sandy's opinion.
    I think that both of you ladies are no less talanted and creative, and I would be honored if someday, you and me would exchange some work, I havent really got around by doing canvases yet, but, I have an idea or two.. :)


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