Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tilda in Her Butterfly Dress

Finally I was able to make 1 card.  After baby Lyla came, my other daughter-in-law came from NC to live with us until my son comes back from deployment.  SOOOOO she is living in my craft room and I had to find another space to use for some months.  

My daughter graduated from our homeschool and started to pursue further education as a Paramedic and we decided she deserved a graduation party SOOOO that took a ton of my time but it was so worth it.  I did have to finish her scrap books so there was a creative up side to this.

I am showcasing my newly created card and some of the my daughters scrapbook pages of her graduation pictures that I did for her (us).  Enjoy.

OK so I tried to line these up properly and because I am deficit on computer skills this is what I got. Sorry about the mess of photos.  Hopefully you get the highlights of them.

Have a warm, sun shining day!


  1. What a gorgeous card!! I love the colors here!! Really pretty flowers!!

  2. Such a pretty card. And your daughters scrapbooking is lovely
    hugs Julie P

  3. Wow the card is gorgeous Kelly and those layouts are stunning!!!!!!!What a beautiful keepsake!!!! Excellent work!!!!!!

  4. Wonderful creations from both you and your daughter! xxx

  5. Your card is fabulous and WOW all of the pics of your beautiful daughter are great. And you also did a lovely job on all the layouts. Great Work!!!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Your card is wonderful :o)
    Your scrapbook pages are beautiful and so is your daughter!!
    TFS, Candy

  7. Wonderful card! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. You daughter sure does look like you! Both beautiful.

  8. So glad you are back and you card is gorgeos! Your scrapbook pages are wonderful as well and your daughter is beautiful!

  9. Your card is gorgeous. Your scrapbook pages are awesome.

  10. Your card is gorgeous! And the scrapbook pages also!

  11. The card is so precious! Your scrapbook pages are truly a keepsake for your gorgeous daughter. You did a masterful job on them.


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