Monday, July 7, 2014

Dirty Jobs

Welcome to my blog today.  I have nothing crafty to show you but maybe a laugh will come out of it?    All week while my husband was here he was doing the honey do list like, putting in Invisible Fencing for 3 dogs,  Reverse Osmosis System for pure drinking water, natural gas line to a new BBQ grill for better cooking, lattice around the front deck, shelving in the basement for storage and then in the garage for more storage and efficiency.  He had to tweak a few things around the house but he thought he had gotten out of the one thing he avoided, changing a pump and alarm in our Septic System.  The last possible minute he starts to work on it and discovers the alarm float was bad and needed a new one, so here is the drama.

No one wants to help Dad so he is setting his stuff out and I am secretly photographing him. hehe

Notice how involved our boys are and 1 is hiding in the basement. La de da......

Tom used his handmade hook to lift the float on the pump to drain what he can out of the tank into the drain field.

Well here goes his brand new ladder into the hole where the Septic pump is. Yuck

He looks so natural getting into the hole, after all he is a plumber! lol

Working on the wires pulling away the float from the pump.

He looks happy in the hole waiting for us to hand him the new alarm float.

Benton will handle this part as it is new and clean and he won't get his white clothes dirty.  He is 19 years old and loves white clothes.  He said he is to clean to help his dad with this job!

Help! Help!  hehehehe  we made fun of Tom the whole time he was doing this.

The boys are joking around and teasing but this photo looked funny to them as they look like they are going to put the cover on the hole over their dad, they loved this photo, silly kids.

Just a few tools and ties to go and it is hooked up.

This is the worst electric job we have seen on a Septic System but my husband can fix it! lol

Tom is done and out he comes..............

  ..............pops himself up and...............

...........over backwards, if only my camera were working as fast as he did his backwards summersault out of the hole.  Pretty good for a 50 year old! lol

Job done and out comes the ladder to be washed off as well as Tom, he is not allowed into the house until the clothes are off and into the wash machine! Yuck!

This was one of the fun events we did while they were all here visiting.  We laughed all the time and I sure miss them today.  3 of us are here in South Dakota again waiting for Dad to return in a few weeks.

Have a stinkin great day!!


  1. Thank goodness your hubby can do these jobs. But I admit that's a dirty job for sure. Great pictures Kelly and I can just imagine the laughs that you and your sons had. Good times!!!
    Hugs, Cathy

  2. Geeeez, I don't have an alarm in my septic system!!!!!! Maybe I need to look into that!!!!! At least he knows what he is doing....LOL!

  3. That is one dirty job... your hubby done just great (bless him) I can see why lots of laughs where had..I hope your son's outfit stayed white (lol)...Have a great week... Hugs May x x

  4. And your husband did this job with a smile on his face! Funny how these dirty jobs can turn into a lot of laughter!

  5. I think your hubby did a brilliant job - not one that most men would want to attempt but I have to admit it does look like a funny experience for the bystanders - lol. My son has a septic tank at his house and I can honestly say - he never comes out of it smiling!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Eek... rather him than me! How brilliant to have such a skilled partner to take on the tricky stuff as you create your new home - kudos to him, and thanks for sharing the fun!
    Alison xx


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