Monday, June 9, 2014

Craftroom in Bland

Hello ladies,  I am having a nice sunny day in South Dakota and will be going to a local store to look at Anne Sloan chalkboard paints.  Yes I may paint the furniture in my craft room with it.  

My craft room is almost put together in this extra bedroom full of morning sunlight.  Perfect for crafting as the natural light will help me see but also I can watch outside too, keeping a eye on the younger child as he meets some kids his age.

Here are photos of my craft space I call bland.

My thoughts were just leave the walls white and paint later after you adjust to it all.  I cannot stand it, I feel the craft room needs to be painted first so I will be focussing on this room now. 

As you can see my art is not showing well on the cream walls and it needs color to bring out the beauty in it all.

I have sliding closet doors that are heavy and hard to push on the carpet so hubby will shave the bottoms for me as they hinder me getting into the tools I need.  This closet was hard to solve due to the fixed shelves and the big doors.  Accessability is a big thing with me or I forget what I have. Did I just tell you my age! lol 

My bowl stand holds stamps and tiny wood chips at the top.  My families crystal bowls are useful as well as pretty.

The bookshelf is almost the same layout as before. My stamped images are in boxes at the top and then misc. things with the distressed inks second shelf from top.  In the middle are Copic markers.  Then I have a basket of stamps and two empty boxes for future cards I will make.  The bottom displays all my 6x6 pads of paper, you should have seen the huge box I gave to my DIL of 6x6 pads as I had way too many.

My closet with the big door! My son and I rearranged the shelves and added a bookcase on top of one and a metal rack for more storage on the other side.

Here are stamps and embellishments that I do not use much of.  Plain paper from Stampin up in case I need it, so this side of the closet I set up for occasional use. hehe

The bottom portion has embellishments and punches 

The middle has tools and some photo boxes full of photos ready for me to scrapbook and then my favorite brands of 12x12 papers.

On the bottom inside a plastic container are my metal and Tim Holtz, Finnabair style embellishments.

The left side of the closet I used drawer liners to hold all the different pretty embellishments from Prima and Melissa Frances.

The colored containers have flowers, tags, pretty Pion images and Prima sentiment tags, chipboard, all kinds of embellishing things that I have too much of. LOL

Up high are things I use occasionally and ore embellishing on the shelf, pearls, crystals and leftover die cuts I made.

See the sun shine!! Blank Walls!  I love this so I can create the palette I desire for my room. 

Here is a story about my desk top.  This is still pretty new and the first trip here the boys did not want to loose the screws to the desk so they taped them onto the TOP of the desk but not just a tiny tape but a BIG X of tape!!!  Guess what, my top had glue all over it and my goo-gone was in another State.  My hubby felt bad about this and tried another product to scrub off the glue, well you can imagine how that worked, I have a plastic mat over that spot.  Yesterday I rubbed off the glue with goo-gone except the one spot that will be sanded smooth to repaint. After 3 trailer loads to the new house I am happy to say the boys know how to pack properly furniture without damage! lol

I put all my Magnolias in 3 ring binders to store on the side of my desk in the cubbies.  My charms, buttons and magazines are on this side also.  So a look at the other side are the 3 baskets of die cuts and jars of ribbons, the wood stamp sets I kept from Stampin UP.

I completed my room and later went into my bedroom and found 4 more boxes of my crafting things, yep where do I put all this???  I cannot believe I have this much stuff and I do not even have the scrapbooks in the room yet either.  I need to search out more storage ideas! lol

I hope you enjoyed my little tour, I plan on decorating it with paint and showing you the difference when it is completely done.  This is where we are heading off to Hudson and Main a newly found store that is vintage and carries the Anne Sloan Chalk paint only 45 minutes from my new home!  So excited to see it in person!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Lovely Kelly! you are pretty fast in setting up! very organized you are too. Hugs.

  2. Kelly this is fantastic. Wow you organized pretty fast. I wondering what color you'll be putting on those walls??? Oh the suspense!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!! Have fun at the new store. (wish I could go there too!)

  3. Wow what a super space!!!!!
    Love it

  4. Goodness me girl, you've got your priorities spot on!!! lol. Fabulous craft room, storage and all that natural light. Enjoy it sweetie it's so deserved. Hugs Suzi x

  5. Love your beautiful and neat craft room, Kelly. Everything is organized and looks fun. :)

  6. Moving is so NO fun! But you are an AMAZING! That was so FAST. And I am sure you going to make it into a terrific and cozy place, that no one will EVER want to leave.

  7. It's coming together beautifully, Kelly! Yes, you need to get some color on those walls. You are so organized, my friend....just love it!!!!! I especially love your big desk and all the light filtering into your craft room.....just lovely!!!

  8. I loved the tour of your new craft room, you have made amazing progress with it and I love how organised you are already! I know a couple of people who have used the Annie Sloan paints and they love them, they give amazing results with little or no preparation. I think you will have fun painting your room and some furniture. I look forward to seeing the results! Take care my friend. Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Wowwww Kelly! You have a HUGE craft room!!!!! :) It's coming along very beautifully and I love love love how organized you are! OMGosh! I think I may need you to help me! LOL! Thank you for sharing these photo's and can't wait to see more!

    Sending huge hugs!

  10. It looks like you are gonna have a wonderful place to create!!

  11. Kelly, you are great with organization! Can't wait to see your sun filled room when you have painted it? I hope I can be as organized in my new extremely small craft room. Am moving on Wednesday!
    Big hugs, Candy

  12. OOOHHH ! wow ! so lovely place for create !!! xxx

  13. You are really super woman - super woman spelled with BIG letters. I have always said, the best way to spring clean is to move. You are really organized. Looks like a great room and I am looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.
    Sandy xx

  14. *Sigh*.....what a great place to create. Your view outside is wonderful and I know the room will come together just like you want. That store link is AWESOME!! Looks like there's more than paint you'll be bringing home. What a great place to shop.
    Thanks so much for the update and I can't wait to see you finally settled in to your liking. You're doing a great job. Hope you're having fun.
    Lisa x

  15. Gorgeous crafty space Kelly... Can't wait to see it when you paint... Love all your goodies ...What a great space... Have fun... Hugs May x x

  16. Glad to see you're on the way to getting to grips with it... I do know exactly what you mean about the constant search for space and storage solutions! I think painting the furniture is a lovely idea - highly recommend the Annie Sloan paints (but do wax to seal them). Sorry about your desk top, but maybe that's due a coat of Sloan too?!

    Wishing you lots of luck on deciding paint colours - I've heard green is the way to go for creativity vibes. I think I might get rid of the doors altogether on that huge (fab) cupboard - maybe some pretty curtains that you can just sweep aside to get at your stuff... If I can't see it, I don't use it!!

    Have fun!
    Alison xx


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