Thursday, July 26, 2012

My First Blog Candy: Come And Get It!!

I want to thank you girls who post comments on my blog and to those who have helped me along the way!  I have been blessed by all of you and I really enjoy everything that is written on my blog.  
We all have talents in one way or another.  I enjoy seeing your creations and all the love you put into them.  Your creations make my addiction so much more fun, buying and buying and buying.
My gift to you is the picture below

So how can you receive this package, hmmmmmm

1. Become a follower of my blog if you are not already.

2. Guess my age for my upcoming milestone birthday in August.

3. Guess which Tilda is my favorite, hint: she is from the Princes and Princesses Collection 2012.

4. Guess what is coming up in August that I have been creating 100 cards for.

Now I know that you may not get all of them correct so who ever is close to getting them all correct will be entered into a drawing that my little helper will pull from a container.  I got that one from Rosie.

I just wanted to have a little fun with you so please do not stress over it,  just guess and LEAVE ME A COMMENT WITH YOU GUESSES so we can all have fun reading what everyone is saying.

Thanks for playing along and Good Luck To Each and Every One of You!!!



  1. No how can I stress over this fun chance to win so much. Well you look no older than 35 but you have 7 kids so I will say 45 but is that really a huge birthday? A coming up milestone would be 50!!! Your favorite Tilda? Princess Tilda with long flowing curly hair. Oh my gracious - I know you said why you are creating 100 cards - a showing in like a town fair and someone that has a shop will be featuring your cards. Am I right!!!! Oh how spooky - August 13 at midnight I think I have followed you since day one!!!!!!!
    good luck to me!

  2. Okay, Kelly. I've only been part of the Maggie Yahoo group for a couple months so I don't know anyone there very well. Although I look and comment frequently on your beautiful cards, I wasn't a formal follower, but I am now. I believe your milestone birthday will be 40. It's a total guess, but I think Baby Tilda is your favorite. I have no clue why you are creating 100 cards. Although not a requirement, I've put a picture of your candy along with a link back to your blog on my left sidebar under my Candy Bar. That's the least I can do since I don't know you well enough to answer any of these questions with certainty! But I want to play! :)

    1. Thanks Leslie, you earned extra credit here. LOL

  3. Hi Kelly!
    I am a follower and unfortunately haven't commented lately because of illness but do pop in to have a look. No excuse I know. I love your last Christmas card. it is adorable. even though you look more like 25 in your photo I am going to say that you will be 50. Your favourite stamp from the Prince and Princess collection is Tilda catching stars. Now why would you be making a 100 cards?? two for every birthday you have had!!(no idea)
    Hugs Maz

  4. Hi Kelly! Here are my guesses: 1. already a follower, 2. 50 (you don't even look 40, but I'm basing this from thinking our oldest kids are about the same age) 3. Tilda in Ballet shoes 4. an auction or fund raiser
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday in August!!!

    1. Karen, you are observant and thank you for the birthday wishes.

  5. Hi Kelly, Here to make my guesses

    1. 50??...but you really don't look it.
    2. Tilda's family is your favorite stamp..add a few children to be like yours
    3. A fundraiser or the celebration of your wedding anniversary party you are throwing for yourself.

    thanks for the chance to was fun getting to know you better.

  6. I have been following you for a long time and look and read your blog everytime you post but don't comment very often. I am just lazy, no other excuse. I thing the birthday is the big 50! Don't know what your favorite Tilda is and have no idea why you are making 100 cards. I do love your fabulous coloring though so will always check out your blog.

    1. Linda I am glad you entered the candy and thanks for the compliment.

  7. OK Kelly, here goes....
    I'm a follower
    I'd say the big 50 ( or 21 maybe )
    I'd say your favourite Tilda is Tilda with Ballet Shoes as you have quite a few cards with her, mine too
    The 100 cards are possibly for a church fete or fundraiser like Christmas time?
    Thanks for the fun questions
    hugs Julie P

    1. Oh if I were only 21 again! Although some days I feel like I am!

  8. Hi Kelly,

    Here goes.
    1. Just became a follower.
    2. 50???? or is it 29......
    3. Your favorite Tilda I would guess is Tilda with Ballet Shoes (she is too adorable and lots of fun to color)
    4. Art Crawl

    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome candy....Your cards are always so beautifully done....


  9. 1) I've always followed you
    2) 50, (you look fab in the photo)
    3) Tilda with ballet Shoes
    4 Art Crawl, and I wish you much success :)


  10. WEll Kelly Happy 39th Birthday to You. Isn't that the one we all confess to? Now I think I've been a follower fo a long time. Your favorite stamp is probably the whole collection. And you're making 100 cards for some kind of benefit. You know the one to raise money for your sleeping pills LOL!!!! I'll advertise on my blog for you!
    Best Wishes to you and I hope you meet your goal!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

    1. You are so funny, thanks I appreciate it!

  11. Hi Kelly, you are a hard task master, I suppose that comes from homeschooling your children, hehehe!! I thought I was a follower because I love visiting and commenting on your lovely creation, I am now an official follower/friend. I would say you are going to be 50 (although you don't look it) Your fav Tilda is the sweet Ballerina, your creating 100 invitations for your special Birthday celebrations. I've popped you candy on my sidebar.
    Suzi x

    1. Yes Suzi you are right, Homeschooling has made me a little OCD. Thank you for joining in.

  12. I am a new follower. I have looked at some past posts and think your work is great. Being a mom of 7 must be a really hard job. I don't see how you find time to do all this. Anyway, here are my guesses:

    Age: 40
    favorite Tilda: Tilda with floating hearts
    Art crawl (I don't know what it is, but I saw it mentioned in one of the posts I looked at.)

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I am happy that you stopped in, to answer your question, the Art Crawl is a event that hosts up and coming artists at local stores. People can just walk in and meet the artists or buy their products. The artists get discovered by their local community. I hope that helps, thanks for asking.

  13. Hi Kelly.....I have put off answering your questions for as long as I can.
    1. I'm a follower
    2. age 40
    3. Tilda with Ballet Shoes ( I was thinking Edwin with Airplane but I reread your questions)
    4. Art Fair/Sale
    Thanks for sharing your talent!!!!

  14. Hi, Kelly. I've been enjoying your cards for awhile now, but for your tempting blog candy (1)I am now a follower(you are the first blog that I have subscribed to)(2)Happy 50th birthday..(3) I would say your favorite is Tilda with ballet shoes or Tilda catching stars (4) you are crazily creating cards for the Art Crawl--good luck- oh, btw, love how organized your craft room is, if I could get organized then I could get some of my own Maggies stamped and colored.. :-( ps. hope i'm doing this correctly)

    1. I am glad that you decided to follow me, welcome!

  15. Hi Kelly! I thought I had entered already. Must have gotten distracted again... Anyway, I am excited for the chance at that awesome candy so, thank you. Okay, here goes:
    1. I am a follower
    2. I am guessing 50. I promise it isn't because you look it! I just know that I didn't consider it a milestone back when I turned 40.
    3. I'm thinking either Baby Tilda or Tilda w/Ballet shoes because you've used both quite a bit.
    4. Fund raiser
    I'm putting your candy on my sidebar! Take care!
    ♥ Laura C.

    1. I am glad you came back to enter, good luck.

  16. 1 .. Hi, i am a follower and have added your blog in my side bar,your blog has so many beautiful creations, to think you had time with such a busy life, 7 children, grandchildren and a farm to run..i just have the 7 children and that keeps me busy..

    I must say first of all,i hope i look as good as you in 10 years time,i am 40 in November and think you look as young as me,i`d love to know how you do it !!

    2. You will be celebrating your 50, much to my surprise ..and i am sure your hubby will spoil you as much if not more than last year..

    3. Tilda in ballet shoes is your favorite magnolia stamp from the prince and princess collection.

    4. Art crawl, I hope everything is a success for you,sounds like a lovely event.

    Thank you for letting us see into your wonderful art world,such wonderful inspiration here..

    1. Thank you for the compliment and for entering!

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  18. Woohoo some kind of treasure hunt to win a candy how sweet!
    1 I'm a follower, just became one officially. I did pop in more often but never made it "official".
    2 I think you will be celebrating your 50th although you don't like it
    3 I think Tilda in ballet shoes is your favorite.
    4 I can't choose between 2 things that pop up in my head so either it's the Art Crawl or the birth of another grandchild oh I just thought o f another possibility.. lol.. a wedding!

  19. Ok, I'm going to try to remember what to include here! Lol! Milestone birthday? Well, I was going to go with 40 but you have a lot of kids (lol!) and I remember wedding photos...soooo...this feels a bit like "If train A left at 9:30 and train B left at 10..." I'm going to go with 50.
    Favorite Tilda? Tilda with Ballet Shoes? I would have gone with Baby Edwin because you use him a lot but you said Tilda...unless you're trying to be tricky! Lol! :D
    All the cards? For the Art Crawl!!!!
    Lol, hope I hit everything!
    Rene :D


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