Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miss Muu Muu and Company

I am enjoying the comments from everyone on my last post in regards to the cows.  After I show you my new card, I have a few photos of our farm animals to show you.

I was thinking about all the comments from the previous Muu Muu post and figured this card represents all the girls that love animals, sit in a meadow to enjoy them.  I am the one who is on the other side of the fence scared to death of them, yep, I cannot even go into the horse pasture. City girl!

I watercolored my (girls) with distressed inks. I free painted the meadow.
The clouds are die cut felt from Papertrey Ink

I love butterflies and add them when I can.  The DP is from MME Quite Contrary.

Here are my daughters horses, she got them when they were young and taught herself  how to break them and then learned to ride them, all on her own.

One of many 

Do you see the goats in the hay bale?  They sit in there and eat all the time.

 We have several rabbits the boys show for 4H

Here are 2 male dogs, the big guy stays outside and loves the strangers to death while the little one is in the house looking cute and innocent.  Both of them are taking turns marking.  I never had a problem with it before but now the big guy broke into the screen door 3 times to come in and mark inside my home.  We are securing the bottom of the screen door now.

OOOOH The Cow and look at his eyes!

These 3 cows are my husbands babies, he talks to them, scratches them and feeds them snacks.  Sometimes they have long conversations when they mooo back at him. Weird. 
Now I  grew up in the city and have acclimated to the country for the past 17 years.  I love it out here but I do not love the stink and dirt that comes with it, sorry, I would rather be in my craft room. LOL

Thanks for the lively comments your conversations are fun and it is really nice to see how diverse we are and yet we are all talented ladies with Magnolia Stamps in common.
Blessing, Kelly


  1. LOL - this is just delightful! I love, love, love what you have created! You're on a roll - Don't stop now!

    Chris Christensen

  2. Kelly, this looks so much like home. And I don't mean just the pictures of the horses and cows but the card as well. I live on a ranch and we are so blessed by the wildlife and livestock around us in our horse friendly community. Love the card, it is awesome.
    Cathy Lee

  3. Lovely card. And your animala are all so sweet!

    Hugs Monique

  4. Lovely setting of Tilda and Miss Muu Muu side by side each other. This is such a cute scene Kelly. Well i am a totally city gal and not enjoy outing around farmland or nature. Hey, maybe that is the reason I couldn't do animal cards too well. Wait, that's not true, because your animal cards look awesome :o)

  5. Your card is delightful Kelly and thanks for sharing your wonderful animals, It must be a lovely place to live
    Hugs julie P

  6. Another delicious card Kelly with Miss Muu Muu and sweet Tilda with her bunny. Your scene is fabulous as is your lifestyle. You are blessed.
    Suzi x

  7. What a beautiful card!!! Love your farm animals too! : )

  8. What an awesome card! I love the scene you created. Thanks for sharing your photos.


  9. How gorgeous your card is Kelly. I adore it.
    Your animals are all so lovely. I love animals and used to live on a farm in New Zealand when I was a small girl. The only animal I have now is my very spoilt ragdoll cat. Just gotta get that cow stamp.
    Hugs Maz

  10. Stunning card and gorgeous colours. I love the scene that you created.
    I love the animals.

  11. Love that scene you created with tilda and bunny and miss muumuu. too precious. Wonderful coloring Kelly, and I enjoyed your pictures very much. I do really miss the fact of being so close to nature and animals... enjoy!"

  12. Your cards are always fantastic Kelly! You know I think you live in heaven. I have always wanted to live on a farm. Wonderful life especially for your kids. Your daughter's horses are beautiful. What a smart young lady and what a wonderful experience. Yes I do believe the cows talk with your husband. It is not weird it is called love. Next summer we will be getting chickens and we have talked about a couple of pigmy goats. Isn't that funny with the goat on top of the hey. Back to your wonderful card. You know the scene you created really looks like what life on your farm is about. (with out the smell and the dirt) You lucky lady. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us about your life.
    Love all your cards Kelly.

  13. OMG, it is absolutely fabulous with Tilda on it.. I LOVE it!!! your coloring is awesome and all the details of your card is wonderful!!

  14. Totally fabulous card, love the farm animals.
    I lived on a farm, we had cows and chickens.
    Love the layout & design of your card, great colors.
    Blessings Doreen

  15. so adorably colored and cute Kelly! So creative in how you captured your life in the country!

  16. Adorable card. The scene you created is wonderful. Great job with the meadow! As for all of the animals, I loved each and every picture. I'm a big animal lover, so I'd be that little Tilda sitting in the meadow with the cow. LOL

  17. Love, love, love your Miss Muumuu and Tilda and her rabbit. I'm with you on not wanting to go near the bigger animals. Had a bad experience as a small child and haven't been able to get over it. Your card is gorgeous! You did a great job coloring it and pulling all the embellies together.

  18. Oh this card is just as cute as the last one. Beautiful coloring! Lovin' the photos of the place you call home! Totally cool to have all those animals around you - at least most of the time...huggers...Barb <><

  19. Another awesome version of Miss Muu Muu. Great job on the coloring and your field. Love all your cards, they are fabulous. I love country living and wish I still lived outside town but age forced us to move to town. Too noise here in town.

  20. This is so darn cute, I LOVE it!


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