Monday, February 13, 2012

A Gratitude Journal for Valentines

I purchased Teresa Collins Gratitude Journal quite a while ago and thought about a Valentine gift.  My husband loves to look at our scrapbooks so I have not even started one of him and I so I just highlighted bigger events that brought us joy and closeness in our relationship.

 It is a basic journal that you have to put together and create pages and how to bind it together.  Her journal cards, tags and pockets are really nice as well as the paper.  3 ribbons were included and I added my own bling and my own design.
 I tried to use the 18 year span of our marriage to tell the story and show a little of our personalities.
 There are tags to attach and pockets to fill with monthly journal references and cute sayings.

 You can see the pocket file cards that I turned into photo cards.  My how we have aged.
 The kids like a little quirkiness from their parents but I didn't capture a lot of photos during the early years popping out children and running our own business.
 The end of the book is our recent Quest to climb Harney's Peak in the Black Hills, we had one of our best times together doing this and you cannot really see around the top of the right page but I listed the attributes of our journey up this mountain. My husband will like this page best.
The papers are gold although my camera cast's some of them yellow, they are rich in color and adding bling was a necessary thing to some of it, Girls gotta have it.
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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous journal you've created celebrating your memories. So beautiful! hugs, Angela

  2. Hey, hey, hey!!!! I am getting e-mails of your blog -- now how neat is that. I am so glad you put that thingy on your blog Kelly. Now I will not miss a thing. What a marvelous project and you have done an outstanding job. I loved looking at your pictures!!

  3. How beautiful,what a lovely keepsake, delightful project Kelly
    Hugs Julie P

  4. What a beautifull album. I love it.

    Hugs Monique


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